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2019 BMW X5 - 10/10 SUV

2019 BMW X5 - 10/10 SUV

Want to get behind the wheel of the fully redesigned 2019 BMW X5? Great, because lease deals are available now! The all-new BMW X5 combines safety, elegance and power in equal measure, taking the X5 to the next level.

Firstly, let's take a look throughout the generations;

BMW X5 (1999-2006)

BMW X5 (2006-2013)

BMW X5 (2013-2018)

And this is what the new BMW X5 looks like now...

Quit the difference, eh?

Here’s everything you need to know about this beast...


Sleek and Aggressive Styling
The new X5 has the largest, most prominent kidney grille ever designed by BMW. In addition to its huge grille size, it has adaptive thins which open up when the engine needs more air; the LED headlights are more horizontally designed and have a high beam function which covers almost 600 meters range; it is 1.1 inches longer (194.3inches); it rides on a 117.1-inch wheelbase; and it’s 2.6 inches wider and perhaps a tad bit lower too.

At first glance, the rear appears wider (though hard to tell) but it is in fact 6 centimetres wider than the last model. The lower part has a contrast bumper and fancily-shaped exhaust pipes to match the X5s new look.

Now this is where it gets really interesting, you can open the boot in 4 different ways: from the inside of the drivers cabin, from the button on the key fob, the normal way you would open a boot, and a foot kicking mechanism, which provides hands-free opening.

The luggage space is a 645 litres set up which can be extended to a maximum 1,860 litres with the rear seats being lowered. Another cool feature of the X5 is once you’re done loading your items into the boot, you can then close it electronically. It also has a child safety mechanism installed in case you have any children around.

The Most Powerful Engine Yet
The all-new X5 will offer buyers three engine types - two diesel and one petrol, all of which is connected to an eight speed automatic transmission. Whether you choose to buy petrol or diesel, with three, four or six cylinders - the X5 is significantly more agile and a pleasure to drive.

The 261 bhp xDrive30d has a 3.0 litre and is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds, before it reaches a maximum speed of 143mph. It’s very agile and quick to overtake vehicles on the motorway and vehicles in traffic. The fastest version of the X5 is the M50d, offering 395bph and 760Nm, all of which is combined to allow the vehicle to accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.2 second and 155mph top speed.

The petrol engine has a 335bph, and like the diesel engine, it is turbocharged to improve the vehicles overall efficiency and performance. It can pick up speed from 0-62mph in matter of 5.5 seconds, and it can hit a top speed of 151mph. As such, each model has been enhanced to improve its agility and stability when drivers drive at higher speeds

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Classy and luxurious Interiors
One of the cars biggest selling points is the cars interiors. The all-new X5 looks similar to other BMW models at first glance - but look closer and you’ll see plenty of new design improvements and additional features, and new tech on offer.

The X5 has been redesigned with new angular air vents, and you’ll find that the X5 has revamped its steering wheel, too. This steering wheel is wrapped with black leather, it has multifunctional buttons, and BMW’s classic emblem featuring in the centre. Its has been reworked to not only improve the on-road performance, but to improve grip and comfort for driving precision.

The X5 has also been fitted with a an iDrive infotainment system, a 12.3in touch screen which has a variety of different functions such as voice and gesture commands system. And for entertainment, the X5 offer driver a new 1500 watt, 20 speaker Bowers and a Wilkin Surround system, a Blu-ray-player, a couple of headphone and USB ports, as well a HDMI socket. And, If you love driinking cold/warm beverages while driving, this car even has a thermo cup holder to help your drinks cool or warm. Isn’t that neat?

All X5’s will include a Dynamic Control System (DCS). It ensures the highest level of stability and control when driving, and it maximises traction of all wheels when traveling at higher speeds.

The Dynamic Damper Control (DDC) and Dynamic Control System (DCS) work with the DCS to provide drivers with better control and comfort. It lets you optimise the suspensions and damping response at any given time.

The rear axle air suspension provides drivers with greater levels of driving comfort regardless of how many passengers or weight you are carrying.

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Safety Mechanism
BMW X5’s safety features not only speak volumes about the vehicle, but they also say a lot about the creators. One things for sure, integrating the latest safety tech into their newest vehicles is important to the businesses values.

And as you’d expect, the X5 comes with some of the most innovative safety technologies. There’s an adaptive cruise control which keeps the car in the lane, autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian braking. Also, if a car ahead of you comes to a halt, and you're not quick to respond, the X5 will automotically react and brake for you.

Even more impressive is the addition of a Reversing Assistant system. The Reversing Assistant takes over steering to maneuver the vehicle the vehicle for you. All you have to do is put your parking details into the system, and it’ll remember your parking position, and park the car for you.

It’s an incredibly smart and nimble car that protects you, and your family, as well as other road users at all times.

Prices for the new X5 start at £56,710, rising to £70,690 for the range-topping M50d.

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