2021's Best Summer Convertibles

2021's Best Summer Convertibles

Picture this: it’s the middle of summer, you’re cruising down the road with the roof down, the sun shining, with the breeze just strong enough to feel the wind in your hair. It sounds pretty good, right?

A convertible is the perfect car for enjoying a sunny day, and our normally criticised weather actually offers the ideal balance between overwhelmingly windy and overwhelmingly hot. If this is the vehicle you want to sport this summer, we’ve rounded up the best on the market - with options to suit a variety of different price ranges and preferences.

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Convertibles on a budget

A convertible doesn’t have to break the bank, and if you’re looking for one such vehicle on a tighter budget, there are plenty of options to choose from.

We’ll start with the Fiat 500c, which you can find from around £15,200. Very similar to the classic Fiat 500, it sports the same cute, retro-chic look it's well known for, with an economical two-cylinder TwinAir engine. If you’ll be whizzing around the city, the 500c is good for city traffic. Fiat has recently made a number of their models electric later, and the 500c is one of them, which may be pleasing for eco-conscious drivers - though it does cost a bit more.

Fiat 500c Leasing prices start from £180.58 exc. VAT per month

The MINI Convertible is another option. Similar to the above - and a main competitor - as a fellow hatchback with MINI’s classic retro look, it’s slightly dearer from £20,500. Again, there are both petrol and electric options to choose from.

Mini Convertible

Next up, we’ve got the Smart Fortwo EQ Cabrio. Available from around £21,000, this is a highly customisable convertible, offering manual and automatic options, three trim levels, as well as multiple engines including a fully electric version. It’s also compact - this is the smallest convertible on the market, though it doesn’t lack in detailing or features, and comes with a great infotainment system.

Smart Fortwo EQ Cabrio Leasing prices start from £220.70 exc. VAT per month

High-end convertibles

When it comes to high-end, top convertibles or sports cars, the Mazda MX-5 is an obvious classic, a worldwide bestseller now in its fourth generation. Available from £26,000, we’re looking at slightly pricier vehicles now, but the MX-5 is great value for money and really reasonable for what it is: a powerful drive, with stylish bodywork, SKYACTIV technology, and a range of impressive features.

Mazda MX-5 Leasing prices start from £259.22 exc. VAT per month

Mazda MX-5 Hardtop Convertible

But we can’t talk about sports cars without mentioning Mercedes-Benz. And specifically, we’re looking at the SLC; available from £37,000; the SLC is a reimagination of the SLK, one of the most iconic convertibles of the nineties. With a classic folding hardtop, the SLC is complete with a sports braking system, cruise control and some of the most comprehensive safety tech you can get.

Mercedes-Benz SLC

But the Audi TT Roadster also deserves an honourable mention, beating out many of its competitors in terms of style, performance, and even price. Though it’s around £38,000 in terms of cost, it’s great value for money; unlike many convertibles, its open-top system is flawless in terms of design. But even without the promise of an open-roof thrill, the TT Roadster offers a variety of other excellent features, with sports suspension and parking sensors. Currently on its third generation, the TT sports a stylish look and a great drive, but it retains the original charm from 1998 which made it a classic.

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Performance Convertibles

Porsche is well known as a high-end, luxurious sports car brand - so it should be no surprise that the Porsche 718 Boxster stands out as one of the ultimate performance convertibles. It’s a classic, too, which has evolved impressively over the last 20 years since its first release in 1996. Now, it’s one of the best on the market: a great drive, good handling, steering (it has a sports steering wheel) and grip, with epic performance and a stylish interior. The Boxster costs around £46,000, but it’s well worth the money.

Porsche 718 Boxster Leasing prices start from £501.53 exc. VAT per month

Porsche Boxter

If you’re looking to splash out, though, the Jaguar F-Type is absolutely a convertible that you should consider. Polished, stylish, and top-of-the-range when it comes to performance, the F-Type is a definite classic. In fact, it’s widely acclaimed as one of the best looking convertibles on sale. But it’s not all about the looks.

All models come with an upgraded V8 engine with eight-speed automatic transmission as standard, and feature-wise, it’s also impressive. We’re talking voice recognition, Interactive Driver Display, adjustable seats, cabin lighting and a 10-inch touch screen. Overall, to say the F-Type is a satisfying drive is an understatement, but it’ll cost you: the F-Type starts at £54,000, and can creep up to over £100,000.

Jaguar F-Type Leasing prices start from £672.36 exc. VAT per month

With so many different options available, the open-roof thrill of a convertible has never been easier to achieve. So, what’ll you be choosing this summer? Remember, if you’re looking to lease rather than purchase your next car, we’ve got a variety of leasing deals available, with plenty of convertibles that could have your name on it. That includes all of the cars listed in this article! Take a look, or if you’d prefer to speak directly with one of our experts, get in touch on 01273 433480 or request a callback at a time that suits you.

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