Advantages of being a New and Young Driver

Advantages of being a New and Young Driver

So, you’re a new driver. Now you can enjoy the freedom of driving, as long as you have a car of course. If you are yet to buy your first car, I wrote up a blog about some things to keep your eye out for to make sure you get the right one for you. Check it out here.

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Being a new driver has so many advantages, especially if you’re the first one to pass your test out of your mates. Just think of the possibilities, they’re endless. Not having to use any more public transport to get to and from work. Not having to walk in the rain to and from college. Not having to always stay local when you fancy a day out with your friends. Passing your driving test is the best feeling ever, when you’ve done that here’s what you can look forward to.

Fancy some free petrol?

Give your mates a lift to wherever you are both going, as a thank you they could pay you the petrol money, it’s a win win situation really. They get a lift, cheaper than a taxi or any other public transport, and you get your petrol paid for. How is this not the best idea ever? As long as you are not making a profit from this, there is not an issue legally.

Aside from getting your petrol paid for, you get to experience the thrill of driving. Especially when you’re new to driving, without anyone else there it may seem pretty scary. The rush should soon kick in and you won’t be able to keep a smile from creeping in.

Another upside to you driving is not having to ask other people to give you lifts every time you want to see a mate or go shopping. Think of how boring it must be for your parents or whoever used to give you lifts everywhere, having to drive out of their way all of the time for something that they didn’t even want to do.

Let your personality shine through with buying a car that suits you. One that suits you will depend on the body style, colour and accessories. For example, if you have a sporty looking car in all black with tinted windows, this would show off a completely different style to someone who has a small, brightly coloured city car with fluffy dice hanging off of the rear-view mirror

Here is our blog on different body styles


Advantages of driving

#1 - More employable

#2 - More freedom

#3 - Higher job opportunities

#4 - Experience the thrill of driving

#5 - Explore new places with friends


Having accessories in your car is a statement piece that your friends will remember you for having. An air freshener with a specific smell, or a bobble head mascot sitting on your dashboard, these are all very cheap ways to make your car more personal to you. Another option that will personalise your car more are number plates. Using numbers and letters to write something similar to your name, football team or car manufacturer is always a task, however if you get one, you’ve got it for life. It’s also a great way to make your car more recognisable from other cars of the same make, model and colour. The only issue with this is that these are not cheap at all, and you will have to pay every time you want to put it on a different car. I think it’s worth it though!


We all know there are some things out to make driving a less fun experience, like the high cost of insurance, black boxes and pot holes… Don’t let this ruin your fun. Black boxes do monitor your driving style which most people do not like, however these are here to help bring your premium down and to keep you, your friends and other people safe. If you don’t like it, don’t worry it shouldn’t be for long anyway. Insurance companies normally like young drivers to have these from anything between 6 months to a few years. Of course, you can still have one if you want, the option is there, it’s just you can probably afford to get rid of it after a year or two, at least this is what I did.

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A lot of jobs require the employee to be able to drive and have a car. For example, you could apply for delivery driving jobs for a pizza company or something similar. Not only can you now get jobs which require you to drive, but you can also get an office job further away than where you could previously walk or cycle to. This big advantage means you could get a job which would pay towards your insurance, fuel and tax etc.

Want more time in bed before you wake up?

Well, with a driving licence and car, you’ve got it. You can get up later to go to college or work or whatever you want to do throughout the day because now you can get there faster! The same works the other way around, after work or college you can head back home quicker and therefore have more free time to do the things you actually would want to be doing.

There are just so many advantages of driving which a lot of people just overlook. It’s something that most people will do at some point, however starting early can give you a head start in front of your friends to get a job earlier and earn yourself a higher social status.

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