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What do you do in your Van ?

What do you do in your Van ?

You use your van to work hard all week, but what else are you up to in there ?  Are you innocently driving from job to job ?  Research from Direct Line would seem to suggest van drivers have found some other uses for their vans ………..

In the top spot a whopping  50% of you use your van as a tea break room – we don’t blame you we all need a good cuppa to get through the day!

 In joint second and third place 45% of you use your van to listen to music and as a dining room ……..  it’s still all sounding very innocent so far……. 31% of you use your van as an office, 30% as a reading room …….very admirable finding time in the day to tuck into a great British Classic such as ‘Great Expectations’ are we ?  14% of van drivers are using their van to smoke in ….tut tut tut ……..11% to sleep in – is this even comfortable ? 

Now we get to the less admirable uses for your vans 9% are playing computer games on their mobile ….. ok so we all need a little break but …………..5% are using your vans for ……ummm ……. Relations with another……   Are you really !!!?

Well, we admire your ingenuity when it comes to making the most of your van and we’ve come up with a few uses you might like to try ……….

Why not spread a little joy and pretend there’s a reason you haven’t washed your van for months by creating works of art to cheer up passers by ?   Ricky Minn’s  aka ‘Ruddy Muddy’ has been successfully creating works of art on his van to cheer the people of Norfolk up !  

Why not just change your tyres for the weekend and go Monster Truck Racing ……alternatively use the tyres to negotiate our roads plagued with potholes or just roll over traffic jams !

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If it’s all too much and you just want to escape why not convert your van into a camper van, hit the open road and go where-ever you please !

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10 April 2014
Written by Rivervale
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