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The latest Car Technology

The latest Car Technology

Car technology – what’s new?

Apple’s new patent

So what are Apple planning now?  Well they want to add even more to your iPhone by allowing it to control features of your car from outside the vehicle.  In the future iPhones may be able to unlock and lock your car for you and even start the engine!  This feature will also be able to choose the correct entertainment and ventilation within the car from commands you have pre-set.  It will do this by working alongside CarPlay and with the help of Bluetooth and Geo fenced location capabilities to understand where you are in relation to your car …….. You still have to drive though!  As this is only a patent at the moment it may be some time before this technology will be available to use.

Ready to go from Apple is CarPlay which allows you to use voice commands through Siri to make calls, reply to texts, select music and use maps.  CarPlay will be available in new Hyundai, Mercedes, Honda, Volvo and Ferrari models from early 2015……But you don’t need a new car to get CarPlay it is available from Halfords for any vehicle!

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Keyless cars

Sometimes technology can work against us, as technology becomes more advanced unfortunately so do car thieves.  Keyless technology is the new concern, as equipment to re-programme the system can be purchased on the internet.  Thieves have been targeting Range Rover Evoques and Sports with 294 stolen from January to July.  This spate of thefts has affected owners in London the most.  Because of this some insurers have been refusing to provide cover for Range Rover drivers in the capital asking for drivers to have underground or secure parking to reduce the risk of theft.

Blog / keyless start

Towstop sticker

This idea may save you from getting your car towed!  In Germany the law states ‘an officer has to choose the most efficient and inexpensive way for the car owner to remove the vehicle’ the cheapest and faster way of moving an illegally parked car is to get the owner to move it!  So in Germany Towstop stickers have been invented.  When a car is parked illegally the traffic warden can touch a sensor on the windscreen that is connected to the owner’s smartphone.  When pressed the sticker will send a message to the owner

Blog / towaway 1

...................and the owner can even reply to the traffic warden to let them know they are on the way and so avoid a ticket!  It’s an excellent idea and we can all hope it makes it over here to Britain ……. Or we could stop parking illegally!

Blog / towaway 2

Westminster Council

Along the same theme of parking - Westminster council have installed 3,000 parking spaces across the district.  The sensor can tell if the space is free or taken and drivers can access this information by using the ParkRight App.  Research by IBM shows that drivers can spend around 15 minutes looking for a parking space which adds to congestion and pollution ……….. and to the stress levels of the driver!  If this trial is successful Westminster will install another 7,000 sensors and will be the first authority that has installed this technology across its entire road network!

Blog / ParkRight App

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29 October 2014
Written by Rivervale
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