Best Hybrid Cars – Currently Out and Coming in 2021

Best Hybrid Cars – Currently Out and Coming in 2021

As many of us start our year with good intentions, besides the usual health and fitness regimes and improved habits, we tend to look at how we can reduce our carbon footprint. For many, that may be through looking at an investment in a more eco-friendly car as part of the solution.

With the UK government setting a deadline on the ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2030, many of us are charging ahead and taking action now. With the green vehicle market on the up in recent years, we take a look at the best hybrid cars in 2021.

1. Toyota Prius

Call us cliche, but the Toyota Prius is an icon in the hybrid vehicle space. More futuristic than many of its counterparts, the Prius is an all-round winner. Cheap to run, spacious and with low emissions, it's a firm favourite for a reason. Suitable as a roomy family hybrid, the interior of the Prius isn’t as space-age as the exterior, but there is enough room inside and in the boot. More fuel-sipping than fuel-guzzling, those conscious about long term expenses will also be thrilled.

Toyota Prius2. Hyundai Ioniq

Offered in three eco-friendly options, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric, the Hyundai Ioniq has earned its place in the hybrid game. Slightly smaller than the Prius, it’s still an incredibly comfortable option for those venturing into the hybrid market. While the plug-in model comes with a higher price tag, it does come with the benefit of a 39-mile charge range, and when the petrol engine kicks in, it tops up the battery. That’s a win in our books.

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3. Toyota Yaris

Plug-in hybrids aren’t for everyone, especially while charging stations are still being rolled out across the country. That’s why we love the full hybrid Toyota Yaris, providing drivers with a reduction in their fuel bills and CO2 emissions without the need for regular charging. Now in its second generation, you can reach up to 80mph on the battery alone, so the fuel engine should only be required around 20% of the time.

4. Vauxhall Astra

With many manufacturers set to give much-loved models a hybrid or electric revamp, the Vauxhall Astra hybrid is set for release in 2021. Details are still kept mostly under wraps, however, we can expect a plug-in hybrid. Rumour has it that it should have a combined power of around 300hp and reach 30-miles fully-electric before the petrol engine needs to kick in.

Vauxhall Astra

5. Volvo XC90 Recharge T8

The hybrid sister of Volvo’s fuel engine XC90, the Recharge T8 is in keeping with the same great SUV package we’re used to, but with greener credentials. Most impressive is the T8’s ability to go from 0-60mph in under six seconds! It’s the fastest XC90 Volvo has released, showing us all lower emissions doesn’t mean you have to compromise on power. Not only does it offer power, but it’s also the only plug-in hybrid 7-seater SUV on the market currently.

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6. Toyota RAV4

Another newcomer expected to hit the streets by the end of the year is the new Toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrid. While Toyota already has a hybrid RAV4 on the market, this version is set to give the model an upgrade, including more than 300hp and a 38-mile all-electric range. Four-wheel drive will come as standard, but it’s anticipated to come at a premium on the existing price of the current plug-in hybrid RAV4.

7. Land Rover Defender

SUVs are one of the most popular vehicles on UK roads, so there’s little surprise we’re seeing a greater expansion of hybrid SUV options entering the market. If you’re looking for a hybrid off-roader, the Land Rover Defender Plug-in hybrid is a fantastic choice. Combining a powerful 2.0L petrol motor with an impressive battery, it reaches a 27-mile fully electric range. Its green credentials are looking good too, quoted at CO2 emissions of just 74g/km and 85.3mpg combined economy.

Land Rover Defender8. Skoda Superb Estate iV

While SUVs have the lion’s share of the UK car market, the much-loved estate has never fallen out of fashion with families. Aligning with the new priorities of the eco-conscious household, Skoda’s Superb is now offered in a hybrid model. This plug-in hybrid offers slick design, the same quality we’ve come to love, and impressive stats too. With CO2 emissions below 40g/km and an electric-only range of 37 miles, there’s a lot to love about this family-friendly hybrid.

9. BMW 330e

If you’re looking for something a little more luxe that won’t break the bank, we’re big fans of the BMW 330e. Stylish, great handling and fun to drive, it ticks all the boxes. Everything we’d expect from a BMW 3 Series, the only real difference is a shallower boot and the extra points it earns for being a greener solution. Space in the rear? Check? A great infotainment system? Check. 36 miles of zero-emission driving? Check.

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10. Lexus LC500h

For those in search of a premium hybrid that doesn’t skip the power of a petrol engine alternative, look no further than the Lexus LC500h. Combining the best of good looks, impressive power and the luxurious appeal of a rare specimen, this is one eco-friendly car that is sure to turn heads. Boasting a 3.5L V6 engine, 0-62mph in under five seconds and a top speed of 155mph with CO2 emissions below 40g/km, this is a real catch. If you can keep up, that is!

Green is the way forward, and hybrid vehicles are a great alternative if you’re not ready to go fully electric. With eco-friendly car sales continuing to rise, 2021 is a year not only with great models already on the road but a delivery of fantastic new options hitting the market too.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly lease to reduce your carbon footprint, discover our range of green electric and hybrid vehicles from Rivervale.

Want to learn more about these hybrids, or any other vehicles we have on offer? Give us a call on 01273 433480, or request a callback.

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