BMW i3 Coupe - Electric Car

BMW i3 Coupe - Electric Car

If stories are to be believed it would appear that BMW have put a staggering £1.5 BILLION into the research and development of their i-Concept range of vehicles over the last 4 years. Given that this is the case you could easily forgive their executives for over embellishing at its official launch in venues such as NY, London and Beijing.

With quotes like “more than just a car” and “we are shaping history right now” they have projected onto the car worlds press an image of the start of possibly a new era. The modern day car has stemmed from a lineage of over 130 years of design and technology advancements.

Is this actually true?

Now seeing as I’m sitting at my desk as I write this, closed off from the world of electric cars and their varying issues it would be imprudent for me to refute the claims of genius minds working for a global conglomerate such as BMW... BUT is the launch of the i3 as momentous as they state.. Really?

I mean even BMW themselves won’t reveal what they expect for its planned sales figures in case they fall short of this target and receive criticism. All we have been advised is that they expect quite a healthy slice of the 160,000+ electric vehicles sold this year. What this means in real terms no-one is admitting too as yet.

Maybe it won’t be remembered as the car that changed history but I believe it may well play an important role in it. It isn’t the first large volume produced electric car and certainly not breaking new ground on any specific technology but that said all its parts when you put them together do mount up to something pretty exceptional. Now (all current electric car owners please shut your eyes) this isn’t something that’s been able to be said before the i3 is for the most part remarkable.

It’s a fact electric cars are here to stay, what with emission targets getting lower year by year and the government putting substantial weight on car manufacturers to drive these limits ever downwards it is inevitable that the major benefits will be gained in what they like to term “big cities” and this is the natural hunting ground for the BMW i3.

Would the BMW i3 tempt you to go electric?

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