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Meet the Team Running the Brighton Marathon for Rockinghorse!

Meet the Team Running the Brighton Marathon for Rockinghorse!

Rivervale as a company choose a charity to support and our chosen charity is Rockinghorse.  Rockinghorse are a Brighton based charity who have supported children who are unwell for over 45 years so they are a very worthy cause.

Our last fundraising event for Rockinghorse was the Rivervale Bake Off, meaning as well as raising money for Rockinghorse we also got to eat cake every week!  Now some brave employees are taking on the freezing February weather to run in the Brighton half marathon

I had a chat with the team to see how they were feeling ahead of their 13.1 mile run – here’s what they said ……………

Name: Naomi Trigwell                                                                  

Age: 33

Position in company: Marketing Manager                                       

Favourite car: Mazda MX5 

Longest run so far: 10 miles                                                          

Nervousness rating: 2/10

Usual fitness regime: Gym and running- normally exercise 4 times a week

The night before I will ……. Be in bed by 7pm, do some tai chi and give myself a good talking to in the mirror!!!!

Time I would like to finish in = 2 hours 20 minutes.


Name: Chris Silk                                                                              

Age: 55

Position in company: God! …. Service Advisor                                

Longest run so far: A whole marathon!

Favourite car: Triumph TR3A                                                           

Nervousness rating: 0/10

Usual fitness regime: Ran my first marathon in 1987!  Lots of weight training and currently training for a mini triathlon in May.

The night before I will…….. eat loads of pasta and get an early night.

Time I would like to finish in = 2hours 5 minutes


Name: Ben Grant                                                                          

Age: 17

Position in company: Apprentice                                                  

Favourite car: Mercedes ML

Longest run so far: 6 miles                                                          

Nervousness rating: 7/10

Usual fitness regime: Football training once a week!                      

The night before I will ………eat loads and rest well

Time I would like to finish in = 2 hours 20 minutes


Name: Andy Finnis                                                                        

Age: 35

Position in company: Skoda and Mercedes Technician                  

Favourite car: Mercedes C AMG

Longest run so far: 7.4 miles                                                       

Nervousness rating: 0/10

Usual fitness regime: Gym every day and playing rugby                 

The night before I will……… loads!

Time I would like to finish in = 2 hours 45 minutes


Blog / Rockinghorse Brighton Marathon Picture with names


Name: Dennis Minn                                                                       

Age: 58

Position in company: General dogsbody!……..Sales                     

Favourite car: any Mazda!

Longest run so far: 11.5 miles                                                      

Nervousness rating: 3/10

Usual fitness regime: more used to sprinting, lots of cycling and running as I enter duathlons

The night before I will ………… eat lots

Time I would like to finish in = 2 hours 30 minutes


Name: Emily Banfield                                                                  

Age: 22

Position in company: Warranty advisor                                      

Favourite car: Mazda 3, I even own one!

Longest run so far: 7 miles                                                        

Nervousness rating: 10/10

Usual fitness regime: regular run and always at the gym!             

The night before I will……. Sleep loads and carb load!

Time I would like to finish in = 2 hours 45 minutes


Name: Paul Johnson                                                                   

Age : 27

Position in company: Mercedes Technician                              

Favourite car: Pagani Zonda

Longest run so far: 9miles                                                        

Nervousness rating: 1/10

The night before I will …..Drink and eat!                                

Usual fitness regime: American football and weightlifting

Time I would like to finish in = 2 hours 9 minutes


Name: Martyn Brown                                                                        

Age: 58

Position in company: General Manager                                           

Favourite car: Porsche 911 GT 3RS

Longest run so far: 5 miles ……and I walked some of that!               

Nervousness rating: 8/10

Usual fitness regime: racket ball and badminton                              

The night before I will …..Rest!                                 

Time I would like to finish in= 3hours 30 minutes.


There’s not long to go the Marathon takes place on the 22nd February!  You can show your support for team Rivervale by donating via their Just Giving page.  We wish them all the best of luck!!!!

The comments above do not necessarily reflect Rivervale's views unless clearly stated.

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6 February 2015
Written by Rivervale
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