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Is There a Car to Drive Legally at 16?

Is There a Car to Drive Legally at 16?

We all remember our teenage years, some of us fondly and some of us just cringe at awful hairstyles or worse clothes.  One thing for certain is the majority of teenagers all have the same desire for freedom and independence …………….here at Rivervale Car Leasing we have a little known fact for all those 16 year olds desperate to spread their wings and get behind the wheel ……… there are ‘cars’ you can legally drive on the road along with everybody else!

Normally 16 years olds imagine their only choice is a moped, there are some drawbacks here, you are exposed to all types of weather – great in the summer not so good in the middle of winter and most people feel a bit safer on the road when there is some metal between them and the tarmac!

There is another way, you can be on the road at 16 in something that resembles a car, there is a roof and windows and room for passengers they are the quadricycles……..

A light quadricycle will be in the same licence category as moped so to get behind the wheel of one any eager 16 will need a CBT certificate from an accredited training centre.  These quadricycles weigh less than 350kg and have a top speed of ………… 28 mph a comforting top speed that will help Mums and Dads sleep more soundly at night!

The most readily available is the Aixam Coupe or Crossover which are the number 1 in AM vehicles across the UK and Europe.  With 400 cc diesel engines and a small boot for the shopping the Aixam may be perfect for the teenager around town, but with prices in the £10,000 area it might be a pricey way to get around for a year.

Blog / aixam light vehicle

If you’ve decided to make do with Mum’s taxi’s for a year and pass your test before getting your fist car here are our top picks for an ideal first car.  These cars have small engines to keep those petrol costs down, a low insurance group and a 5* NCAP safety rating to calm your parents fears ………..

The Seat Mii and Volkswagen Up! Both have NCAP 5* ratings, are insurance group 1E and can achieve up to 72.40 mpg –


1.0   S 3dr

 Blog / seat mii leasing prices

Business contract hire £109.16 + VAT per month Initial rental: £654.96 + VAT

Personal contract hire £134.11 inc VAT per month Initial rental: £804.66 inc VAT



1.0   Take Up 3dr

Blog / volkswagen up leasing prices

Business contract hire £114.37 + VAT per month Initial rental: £686.22 + VAT

Personal contract hire £140.37 inc VAT per month Initial rental: £842.22 inc VAT

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5 May 2015
Written by Natalie Faughy
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