Would You Like More Control Over Your Teen Driver?

Would You Like More Control Over Your Teen Driver?

As many of us at Rivervale Car Leasing are parents we know the fear that comes at the moment your child passes their driving test and heads out onto the open road alone…….. It’s a long, long tense wait to see them reappear through the front door safe and sound. Now help is on the way in the shape of the Chevrolet Malibu ………..

The Chevrolet Malibu that will appear in 2016 will have ‘Teen Driver’ mode, it will initially be launched in the US, but if it proves popular I’m sure the ‘Teen Driver’ idea will soon make it to UK soil.

Now parents can breathe a sigh of relief as they can set controls in the cars MyLink system that will be actioned when the car recognises the teenage driver’s key fob.

Here’s what parents can control ………

  • A pre-set speed limit can be set – if this is breached a visual warning and alarm will sound to alert the driver.
  • The radio will mute until the front seatbelts have been fastened.
  • The radio can be controlled to limit the volume of music played.
  • Safety features within the car will be turned on such as Forward Collision Alert.

When your precious teenager returns parents can have a sneaky look at the data collected, they can see the maximum speed that has been reached, the distance the driver has covered and the number of times the safety features have been engaged.

Rather than being a big brother style spy gadget Chevrolet hope that it will open a discussion with teenagers about their driving style and how to maintain safety on the road.

Here in the UK young drivers make up 1.5% of all licence holders, but find themselves involved in 12% of fatal and serious crashes. 1 in 4 18-24 year olds crash within the first 2 years of going it alone on the road. It is thought more inexperienced drivers are more likely to speed and go too fast for road conditions, they are also more likely to crash when they have younger passengers with them. A survey in America found these problems are the exact ones parents would like addressed, as when asked, a way to control speed and a control over the number of passengers allowed were the most wanted restrictions for teenage drivers.

What controls would you like to see to keep our young drivers safe?

For now we don’t have the parental controls of the Chevrolet Malibu, but the Chevrolet Aveo may be a good choice for your teenager with a 5* NCAP safety rating, ABS, Curtain airbags, Dual airbags, Electronic stability control, Fasten seatbelt reminder, Front seatbelt pretensioners, side airbags and Traction control it’s a good start to keeping the little rascals out of trouble!

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