Car Maintenance - Could You Change a Tyre?

Car Maintenance - Could You Change a Tyre?

We all know we should be checking our oil levels, brake fluid and should really know how to change a tyre … but if we are being really honest how many of us could actually perform these checks, how many of us could even open the bonnet to begin with?

Leasing Options carried out a survey of 1000 drivers to find out and the results show our vehicle maintenance knowledge leaves a lot to be desired! 28% of those who responded wouldn't even know how to open the bonnet!


% of responsents who couldn't do it

Opening the bonnet


Check the oil level


Check the tyre pressures


Top up the wiper fluid


Programme the radio


Adjust steering wheel height


Change the wheel


Check the brake fluid


Check the brake pads


The results also seemed to show a difference in the knowledge between the generations, as a massive 76% of 18-24 year olds admitted they didn’t know how to change a tyre. This may also be a sign of the times though as only 42.5% of new cars come with a spare tyre now. By opting for puncture repair kits and run flat tyres, car manufacturers are helping to reduce the weight of cars. A reduction in weight means fuel efficiency is improved and emissions are reduced, so changing a spare tyre may be a skill we won’t need for much longer anyway.

The AA report tyre problems as the second most common reason they are called out. Over the UK last year there were around 800 calls a day relating to tyres!

More worrying was the 1 in 10 people who reported having no problem with pouring boiling water over their windscreens to clear ice rather than using de-icer and a scraper! Only 19% of drivers in the survey knew the correct stopping distance of 23m when travelling at 30 mph, a shocking 37% thought they only needed 9m to stop ... oooops it might be time to dig out the Highway Code!

Check your driving knowledge in our blog ‘Is Your Driving Knowledge Fact or Myth?’

And be honest …. Could you change a tyre?

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