Rivervale's Favourite April Fools Pranks from Car Manufacturers!

Rivervale's Favourite April Fools Pranks from Car Manufacturers!

No one really knows where it came from … some believe April Fool’s Day originates from when Pope Gregory XIII adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1582, those who celebrated the new year at the beginning of April were April fools as the new year now started in January. Yet, there are mentions of April Fools all the way back in 1392 in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Where ever it came from every year car manufacturers use it to show their funny sides that lie dormant for the rest of the year!

From car horn emoji’s to biomimicry 2017’s April Fool’s Day offerings did not disappoint! Here are the Rivervale Vehicle Leasing teams top 5 …

Hyundai impressed us with a very a new way to buy cars which reached new heights. It’s funny now but might we really see car deliveries by drone in the future!

Honda capitalised on our love for emoji’s with their April Fools. Match your emotion to an emoji button on your steering wheel and the horn sound will reflect how you feel!

McLaren used the principle of biomimicry to introduce their new aerodynamic feather covered car … most will laugh but considering some drivers cover their cars in diamantes there may be a few trying to place an order!

Dacia created a whole new model of car called the Dacia Sundero. This model addresses a problem we all suffer from in the UK … getting a tan when it always seems to be raining. In the Dacia Sundero you can tan while you drive!

Lexus produced a technology for their April Fool that most drivers are probably hoping will become a reality soon. With Lexus Lane Valet the slow car in front of you in the fast lane can be moved out of the way with a touch of a button!

What was your favourite April Fool of 2017?

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