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Other Things Car Manufacturers Make

Other Things Car Manufacturers Make

When I look around the Rivervale office I realised that outside of work all our staff members do other things, as committed to our jobs as we all are, the Rivervale team spend a tiny proportion of their spare time thinking about something other than cars.  Some like to sing, some are having babies and others planning their weddings.  It got me thinking; do car manufacturers ever like to make something other than cars?  Oh yes they do!  From sofas to golf clubs to dog coats, car manufacturers love to experiment with making other products …

 Nissans iPhone case

Not quite as attention grabbing as the juke!  But like their cars Nissans iPhone case is using the latest technology.  This iPhone case is coated in a scratch shield polyrotaxane based paint.  This paint can react to change, for example a scratch, and return itself to its original shape.  Very handy for those of us who could be described as a little clumsy!  This scratch shield paint has already been seen on Nissan’s Infiniti cars, so it’s unclear why the iPhone case is Juke branded, is it just for Juke drivers? 

 Mercedes-Benz Furniture

Really this one isn’t so different … Mercedes are already making seats for their cars.  Now for those who love the high quality soft leather of their Mercedes-Benz driving seat need never miss that comfort again.  You can simply buy a Mercedes-Benz sofa made from the very same leather!  If that’s not enough for you just go online and you could also order yourself a Mercedes-Benz bed!


The Audi Fleece Hoodie ……for dogs.

So now you can proudly display Audi’s 4 interlocking rings on your dog’s hoodie.  This may appeal to a very niche market – people drive an Audi, who also own a dog, who also believe that dressing up their dog in clothes is cute!  I have never met a person who falls into this niche category, but I’m fairly sure they exist! 



Ferrari Golf Clubs

The perfect present for those who love Ferrari but can’t afford the car!  These distinctive red Ferrari golf clubs could be yours along with a luxury golf bag made from the same leather as the seats in Ferrari GT cars!  When your golf partner sees your luxury Ferrari clubs and bag they may truly believe you own one so make sure you slip into your sensible family estate without being seen when you leave the club!



Peugeot Pepper Mills

For every Peugeot owner who is safe in the knowledge their pepper mill is in the glovebox?  But this is no ordinary pepper mill – you don’t hold it vertically, you hold it horizontally and there is a receptacle so you can see exactly how much pepper you have ground!  Who knew we had been grinding wrong all this time!


…..and what does every party need?  A Porsche ice cube tray of course!  A bargain at £10.00!

The comments above do not necessarily reflect Rivervale's views unless clearly stated.

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6 October 2015
Written by Natalie Faughy
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