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A round up of some of the tech we could soon be seeing in our cars.

A round up of some of the tech we could soon be seeing in our cars.

Audi traffic light recognition technology.

Demonstrated in January at the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas.  So what can it do ?  The system will rely on internet connectivity to ‘talk’ to a City or Town’s traffic light computer to recognise the traffic light sequences .  Armed with this knowledge the clever computer can give you information on what speed to travel at to make sure you hit the next lights when they are on green, all via a simple at a glance at visual aid displaying red, amber or green lights.  If you’re at a red the technology can count down making sure the stop/start function has re-engaged the engine a good 5 seconds before you need to go.  The benefits ?  Increased traffic flow – say goodbye to those red lights ! Reduced C02 emissions make the environment smile and less time stationary in your car increases fuel efficiency so will make your wallet smile !   So when can we get it ? ……….. We will have to wait a bit longer for a few legislation changes and for traffic control to grant access to their computer systems.

Apple CarPlay

Technology giants are desperate to get into our cars – now we can welcome Siri into our vehicles with Apple CarPlay seen at the Geneva Motor Show ! Siri will be like our very own in-car personal assistant receiving voice commands directly from the driver to carry out a variety of tasks such as playing music, sending dictated text messages, dialling contacts and directing us via Apple Maps.  All of this while never touching our phones as the iPhones apps are integrated with the vehicles infotainment system – it’s as easy as pushing a button on the steering wheel to summon Siri !

Apple CarPlay will be initially launched with certain models of Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, although we’re sure we will soon see Siri across a range of cars.  The bad news is you will need to buy a new car to get the technology as so far there is no official announcement for an after-market version.

Sick of getting car sick ?

No more lengthy journeys reaching for the sick bag if you invest in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé using Magic Body Controls seen at the Geneva Motor Show.  Each twist, turn and bump will be predicted using a stereo camera to see the road ahead, adjustments to suspension will be made to make your journey as smooth as possible!  The tech doesn’t stop there the S-Class can pace you to the car in front, steer for you and even swerve to avoid pedestrians and other cars!

As we’re watching the road…. our cars could soon be watching us !

Now our cars could detect our moods – engineers from PSA Peugeot-Citroen have been involved in developing an infra-red facial detection system.  As cameras look out for any signs of anger or disgust and in the majority of tests they are pretty good at it !  Once the cameras know you are angry they could inform the vehicle so speed could be limited or a warning could be sent to you to calm down ……. You never know one day our cars may be able to give us a counselling session on the drive to work !

Volvo have been working on similar technologies to be watching our every move with Driver State Estimation sensors in the dashboard that monitor how wide open your eyes are as well as the position and angle of the head.  The in-car technology will make a decision based on these observations as to how attentive we are, inattentive drivers may trigger a host of driver assist features such as lane keeping aid and collision warning with auto-brake. 


So with it being reported that Gamer’s have a first time pass rate of 73% on their driving test compared to the 58% average and all this tech appearing in our cars do we need a driving license ……….or a computing degree ? !  


The comments above do not necessarily reflect Rivervale's views unless clearly stated.

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1 April 2014
Written by Rivervale
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