The Rivervale Sleigh!

The Rivervale Sleigh!

It’s fairly common for customers to call us here at Rivervale Car Leasing and not know exactly which vehicle it is they are after. The Account Managers have become experts at finding the right vehicle, with the right features, to perfectly fit a customer’s needs. So as it’s nearly Christmas I thought I would really put them to the test!

Here are the details of the new customer I presented to the Rivervale Team;

  • He only uses his vehicle once a year
  • He covers at least 24,859.82 miles in a single trip
  • He needs plenty of storage room, as he carries a lot luggage
  • He travels through many different weather conditions
  • He parks on many different surfaces
  • He may need to access his emails at any time to check some special lists ….

There was no fooling the team they all guessed this customer was Santa who needed a new sleigh, so here are Rivervale’s top sleigh recommendations!

  1. We all know Santa’s sleigh runs on Reindeer power, but what do reindeer run on – carrots of course! So Rivervale recommend an automatic carrot dispenser to make sure they are never low on fuel!
  2. Santa gets left a lot of drinks, he may not be able to drink them all at once, so our sleigh has a refrigerated glovebox so he can take some supplies with him.
  3. Having a connected sleigh is vital for Santa. He needs internet access to make sure he can check the naughty and nice list at any moment! Bluetooth is also important to keep Mrs Claus up to date with his progress and make sure there’s a sherry waiting for when he gets home.
  4. There will be many tricky rooftops to land on, so Santa will need parking sensors to avoid any crashes with chimneys. Fog lights are essential to make sure the sleigh is seen in bad weather by anything else in the sky!
  5. Sat Nav – not one street should be missed, not one child left without presents! so a Sat Nav will make sure Santa doesn't lose his way and everyone wakes up to a present under the tree on Christmas morning.
  6. A rooftop is a challenge to land on, it’s made even harder by a layer of snow that may be slippery. Our best solution is to get the sleigh fitted with some snow tyres for maximum grip whatever the weather.
  7. Santa needs a windscreen to keep the wind out of his ….beard! This windscreen should be a heated quick clear windscreen so there is no delay due to ice at the start of his journey. There should also be heated washer jets and infra-red vision so if visibility is reduced the Rivervale Sleigh can keep going! We would also recommend tinted windows to stop any moonshine or dazzling light from the stars affecting Santa’s vision too!
  8. The boot we would recommend, aside from being very large, will be auto opening and closing. Santa can simply wave his foot under the sensor leaving his hands free to carry all those presents!
  9. Lastly, a heated seat is vital. It can be pretty chilly at the heights Santa will be travelling at, so a little bit of comfort will be needed!

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