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Convertibles: Do you Dare to Bare this Summer?

Convertibles: Do you Dare to Bare this Summer?

We’ve had at least one day when the temperature has made it into double figures, so we all immediately start dreaming of a long, hot summer and which vehicle would fit best into these imaginings?  A convertible!  Here is the Rivervale Car Leasing guide to which convertible would suit you best, whether you need the biggest boot or the most budget friendly!

The Most Affordable Convertible

If you are looking for a super value convertible for some summer fun then the Smart forTwo Cabrio is perfect for you!  Smart cars are now instantly recognisable on the road and their compact size comes with many benefits;  A Smart forTwo is ideal for those who are mainly driving in towns and cities, they have a tiny turning circle of 2.69m, can be parked almost anywhere and you get a lot of miles for your money with 65.7 mpg!  There are only 2 seats, so not practical for a family and wouldn’t make a good choice if you are a regular user of the motorway. 

The Convertible With The Biggest Boot

It may be that you fancy the fun of a convertible, but worry that a roof mechanism will cut down on vital boot space.  If so, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet would be the best choice for you, with the largest boot space of the convertibles featured here at 390 litres.  That doesn’t mean space is limited anywhere else though, there are 4 seats and to make sure everyone is comfortable the E-Class has the innovative AIRCAP technology.  AIRCAP redirects wind above the seating area to make sure everyone, even those in the back, are draught free for their journey!  You can arrive at your destination with your hair still perfectly in place and with wind burn free cheeks!

The Convertible With The Most Seats

If you a regularly the family taxi and need room for 5 you may have thought a convertible would never be a viable option for you… until now!  The Range Rover Evoque is the fasted selling SUV and there is a new convertible version!  That means enough seats for 5 whole people!  It also means you get to keep your higher driving position and off-road capabilities.  An ideal car for any terrain and any weather, a word of warning though, the roof does come at the cost of boot space.  The Evoque convertible has a 251 litre capacity which is 9 litres less than the Smart forTwo Cabrio.

The Best-Selling Convertible

The Mazda MX-5 is the best-selling 2 seater roadster of all time, if it’s that popular it must be doing something right!  The current MX-5 is getting back to its roots providing the ultimate in driving fun.  KODO design makes the MX-5 very pleasing on the eye and new SKYACTIV technology means engines are optimised and can achieve an impressive 41.2 mpg.  The roof is currently manual, so if you are caught in a shower pulling over to take cover is really your only option!  However, the transformer like MX-5 RF is on the way.  RF stands for retractable fastback, the roof has a clever folding mechanism whereby a section of the rear bodywork with lift up so the roof is tucked away and completely unseen. 

The Rain Sensing Convertible

The biggest fear with convertibles surely is the chance of getting completely soaked!  If this is your main fear then the Mini Convertible is the one for you.  As part of the Mini Connected XL package available comes the rain warner app.  Whenever there is wet weather approaching you will be given a warning so you can get the roof up and keep dry!  The roof on the Mini also manages to provide 3 different functions, it can be fully closed, fully open or serve as a sunroof!  The Mini is also a great choice for anyone who's patriotic as there is an exclusive Union Jack flag roof design available!   

The Most Indulgent Convertible

If you have some money to burn and love all things luxurious then the Aston Martin DB9 is the convertible for you.  It has the highest top speed of those featured here at 183 mph and races from 0-62mph in a speedy 4.6 seconds. There are a few drawbacks, the boot is small with a 186 litre capacity.  It’s not the smallest boot on our list though, the MX-5 has a tiny boot capacity of 130 litres.  Although the fastest here, it also has the lowest mpg at only 19.8, but we are guessing you wouldn’t be using this convertible to run errands and do the weekly shop!

Your at a glance guide to convertibles ...

 0-62 (mph)Top Speed (mph)MPGSeatsBoot Capacity (litres)Leasing prices start from £ per month + VAT

Smart forTwo Cabrio 1.0 Passion 


Mini Convertible 1.5 Cooper 


Mazda MX-5 1.5 SE 


BMW 4 Series 420i SE [Business Media] 

8.214345.6 4370£306.88

Mercedes-Benz E ClassE220 BlueTEC AMG Line 7G-Tronic 


Audi A5 Cabriolet 1.8 FSI 177 SE


Range Rover Evoque 2.0 TD4 HSE Dynamic

 9.7 12149.6  5 251£497.22 

Jaguar F-Type 3.0 Supercharged V6 

 5.1 161 33.6 2 196 £672.66
Maserati Gran Cabrio V85.2  17719.5  4 260£1311.42 

Aston Martin DB9 V12 Volante Touchtronic

 4.6 183 19.8 4 186 £2086.77

Prices displayed are correct at the time of writing, please follow the links for the most up to date prices which will always be displayed on our website.



The comments above do not necessarily reflect Rivervale's views unless clearly stated.

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24 March 2016
Written by Natalie Faughy
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