How to Find the Perfect Driving Position

How to Find the Perfect Driving Position

Whether you are a delivery person, a long-haul lorry driver, or someone who faces a long commute to work you are probably spending more time in your vehicle than anywhere else - but are you sitting comfortably?

Long periods of time in the driving seat can contribute to back, neck, shoulder and leg pain. If your driving position is good, you could avoid any aches so follow the steps below to find your perfect driving position...

How to adjust your seat to the best driving position

  1. Raise the seat as high as possible to provide you with an unobstructed view of all instrument dials and side mirrors.
  2. Sit with your bottom as close to the backrest as possible and move seat forward until the pedals can be fully depressed while a slight bend in the knee is maintained.
  3. If you can, adjust the tilt on the cushion so your thighs are supported all the way along.
  4. If you have an extendable seat cushion it is generally advised to leave 2/3 fingers width between the end of the seat and the hollow of your knee.
  5. Make sure the backrest supports the whole length of the back all the way until the shoulders, you may have lumbar support you can change to ensure this. Use the backrest tilt to ensure you can easily reach the steering wheel with a slight bend in the elbows.
  6. The position of the headrest is important to protect you from whiplash in the event of an accident. The top of the headrest should be as high as the top of your ears and the distance between the back of your head and the headrest shoud be as small as possible.

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When you're on a break

Regular breaks are necessary for all drivers and there are a few simple exercises you can do from the comfort of your driving seat.

  • Shrug your shoulders and circle back and forth.
  • Interlock your fingers and straighten your arms raise arms up to the roof and hold them there.
  • When your feet don’t need to be on the pedals put them flat on the floor and push with the balls of your feet to raise your heels.
  • Face forwards and lower your head ear to shoulder both sides, then face forward and look left and right to give your neck a well-deserved stretch.

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Once you’re out the car.

Do a few simple stretches of your hamstrings, lower back and side, just copy the video below!

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