Does the Thought of a Parallel Park Leave you Panic Stricken?

Does the Thought of a Parallel Park Leave you Panic Stricken?

How many of you know this feeling ….. You see the perfect parking space, its right outside where you need to be. As you approach it your hand hovers over the indicator, will you manage to wriggle into that space? You make a brave decision to go for it! You slow and begin your manoeuvre, cars start piling up behind you, after a few failed attempts you quickly drive away cheeks red and pulse racing – that’s right it’s the dreaded parallel park!

Research has revealed the extent of our parallel parking fear. 47% of motorists questioned would drive past their perfect parking spot and further away from their destination to avoid having to perform a parallel park. 15% of respondents would rather circle the area in search of a space to simply drive into, or would rather pay to park if it meant an easy space!

Drivers revealed it would take them on average around 5 attempts to achieve a successful parallel park. Other drivers on the road appear to be the biggest concern when attempting the manoeuvre, 75% of drivers were put off by having an audience and felt onlookers would eventually prevent completion of the parallel park.

For all those who regularly find themselves in a parallel parking nightmare the Rivervale Car Leasing team has 3 solutions for you to have you parking like a pro!

  1. Technology

Cars are becoming increasingly intelligent and to the delight of all those who struggle to park there is a vast array of vehicles to choose from that will happily do the job for you!

Here is the Rivervale Team’s top pick ….


E220d AMG Line Edition 2dr 7G-Tronic

Business contract hire £262.00 + VAT per month Initial rental: £1572.00 + VAT

Personal contract hire £314.99 per month Initial rental: £1889.94 inc VAT

  1. Practice

Practice makes perfect and if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again are both true for parking. The more you complete the manoeuvre the more confident you will become. In time not even the largest audience will put you off! I found our most proficient parker from the Rivervale Leasing Team to give us a step by step guide to a successful parallel park …


  1. Size

Driving the smallest car possible, means every teeny tiny parking space will feel like an arena!

There’s only one car that is small enough to create a glimmer of hope to all those who experience parking problems …. The Smart ForTwo! With a length of 2695mm, a width of 1663 mm and a turning circle of only 6.95m the Smart ForTwo can fit practically anywhere!

Let us know your parking tips!

Prices correct at the time of writing – clicking on car links will display the most current leasing prices.

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