Driverless car update!

Driverless car update!

Driverless cars began trials across Britain last week and so far the news has not reported any catastrophic event where the cars went rougue - so it seems so far so good. Testing of autonomous vehicles was only recently made possible after a Government review concluded there were no legal barriers preventing the testing of self-driving vehicles on public roads. Hoping Britain will be at the forefront of driverless technology the government has provided £19 to get projects started. Four places were chosen for testing in the UK so here at Rivervale Car Leasing we have all you need to know about what’s happening and where ……

Greenwich – in London self-driving passenger shuttles are being tested in the Gateway scheme which is led by the Transport Research Laboratory Consultancy alongside General Motors the AA and RAC.

Milton Keynes and Coventry – Lutz pods will be travelling around public areas. They are 2 seater electric powered vehicles with around 19 cameras, sensors, radar and lidar. The pods can talk to each other and also have a smartphone app so they can be hailed!

Bristol – trialled here will be the BAE Wildcat a military jeep that has been developed by the aerospace company. Also here the Venturer Consortium will members such as insurance company AXA will be exploring whether driverless cars really could reduce congestion and improve road safety.

The race really is on to produce driverless vehicles and now it seems Apple want to get in on the action. It’s been reported recently that Apple have hidden away some of their employees in a secret lab and have codenamed the project to develop an autonomous car ‘Titan’. These rumours began after an Apple owned vehicle was spotted driving around with street view style cameras on the roof. Rumours have gone as far as to say Apple are trying to poach staff from Telsa so we may soon see the first iCar!

So when will we see driverless cars on the road? The guess at the moment is that technology won’t be tested and ready until about 2030. Until then there are still so many questions to answer – who will be responsible if the driverless car is involved in a crash? Will there be an alcohol limit for travelling in a driverless car? Will children be able to be passengers unaccompanied by an adult with a driving licence? Will the computer system in an autonomous vehicle be vulnerable to hacking?

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