Driver First Assist Initiative

Driver First Assist Initiative

NO one likes to see drivers needlessly die on the roads.

But it is a fact that many drivers who have suffered fatal injuries may have been able to be saved if vital first aid was delivered correctly at the roadside before the emergency services have arrived at the scene.

So it’s a major welcome to a new initiative called the Driver First Assist, which is solely aimed at minimising the level of road traffic collision (RTC) casualties.

This new initiative is mainly aimed at company car and van drivers, the reason being that they are very often the first to arrive at a road traffic accident scene first since they spend so much time on the road.

Driver First Assist programme is aimed to provide company car and van drivers with basic first aid training, which they can use to help save life’s before the emergency services have arrived at the scene.

According to Driver First Assist nearly 50% of all road deaths could have been prevented if vital first aid was available earlier at a road traffic accident.

Driver First Assist have said: “Applying simple first aid could do much to reduce casualties while the emergency services own ability to perform would be dramatically enhanced by receiving an onsite situation report the moment they arrive on scene.”

Road Traffic Accident Stats

£3 billion per year is the amount road traffic dealths cost the UK economy, which is about twice the estimated traffic congestion costs.

  • It has been estimated that nearly upto 50 per cent of fatalities could have been prevented if first aid assistance was available early at the scene, with the potential to save the UK economy in the region of £1.5bn pa
  • Between 39 and 85 per cent of preventable pre-hospital deaths may be due to airway obstruction
  • Death occurs from a blocked airway in about four minutes. The target time for an ambulance is about eight minutes
  • By 2035, traffic volumes are projected to be 46 per cent higher and average delays 54 per cent longer, than in 2003; the impact on future ambulance response times is self-evident

Driver First Assist is a non-for-profit organisation, which has the full backing of the police, ambulance and fire services.

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