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Happy Birthday to the Driving Test!

Happy Birthday to the Driving Test!

We all know the feeling, after months of practice the day of our driving test arrives and we are hoping we pass first time and praying we don’t stall the car on a hill start!!!!  It’s the driving test and here at Rivervale Car Leasing we are saying a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the driving test who is turning 80 today !!!!!!

All the way back in 1935 the Academy Award for Best Picture went to It Happened One Night, Fred Perry won Wimbledon and James Chadwick won a Nobel Prize for discovery of the neutron!  The Department of Transport also made the Driving Test compulsory on June 1st and the first test was taken by Mr R Beere. 

The 1935 test latest 30 minutes and cost 37.5p! There were no test centres you simply arranged to meet your examiner at the nearest post office or police station!  Now the practical driving test will cost you £62 pounds.  But it’s worth the money - back in 1935 when the driving test was introduced there were 1.5 million cars on the road and a massive 7,000 vehicle related deaths per year …… thankfully now even though there are around 35 million cars on the road, deaths have reduced to 1,700 per year and dropping all the time.

There have been very few changes to the driving test since its introduction, in 1996 the separate theory test was introduced costing an extra £25 pounds and must be taken and passed before your practical test.  This was the only major change, little tweaks such as the hazard perception test in 2002 have appeared which is thought to be responsible for an 11 % reduction in accidents.  In 2010 a further small change saw the independent driving section added to the practical test where learners must prove they can drive alone without instruction from the examiner.

The lack of changes show how successful the driving test has been and it is an experience most teenagers go through.  But some have criticised the test saying it is outdated and needs to take account of modern technology.  For example there is currently a rise in the number of accidents involving distraction by sat-navs and mobile phones yet the current driving test does not offer any guidance on using in car devices.  How would you like to see the driving test changed?

The pass rate back in 1935 was 63 % this had dropped to 47.1 % in 2014.  But some places around the UK have a higher pass rate than others – the place with the highest pass rate is the Isle of Mull where a massive 80% of learners pass ……however there are no traffic lights, roundabouts or dual carriageways so the test doesn’t really prepare you for driving anywhere else!  The hardest place in the UK to pass your driving test is Belvedere with a tiny pass rate of 32.2!

So the test has been taken and you are ready to go!  The next major obstacle for new drivers to face is the cost of insurance ……….  At Rivervale Car Leasing we think the best way to keep insurance costs down is to pick your first car wisely and pick one that falls under insurance group 1, here are a few that we have to offer that are in insurance group 1E …………..


 Blog / Seat Mii 01/06/2015

Business contract hire £109.16 + VAT per month Initial rental: £654.96 + VAT

Personal contract hire £134.11 inc VAT per month Initial rental: £804.66 inc VAT



 Blog / Volkswagen Up 01/06/2015

Business contract hire £114.37 + VAT per month Initial rental: £686.22 + VAT

Personal contract hire £140.37 inc VAT per month Initial rental: £842.22 inc VAT

The comments above do not necessarily reflect Rivervale's views unless clearly stated.

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1 June 2015
Written by Natalie Faughy
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