Top 9 Tips to Make Your Vehicle Eco-Friendly

Top 9 Tips to Make Your Vehicle Eco-Friendly

Admit it, you love your vehicle - the freedom, the individuality, the speed, the infotainment systems, the interiors, the fact that it takes you from A to B whenever you need it to. I mean, what’s not to love! Sadly something most people tend to forget about - or choose to forget about - is that driving vehicles comes at a substantial cost. Rising fuel costs and environmental concerns should all make us think twice before turning the key.

Did you know that vehicles account for 22% of the total C02 emissions produced in Britain, according to a study by Environmental Protection UK. It might not seem like much, but when you think about how vehicles can affect the planet, the health of people, animals and the local environment, there’s surely more we can be doing to make sure our vehicles are more eco-friendly.

Yes, I know hybrids have massively helped to tackle this ongoing issue, but not everybody has the funds to finance a hybrids. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to make your vehicle more eco-friendly.

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Know Before you Go

Driving green starts with preparation, before you open the doors to your vehicle, make sure you know where you are heading. Having a plan will not only save you from having to ask for directions, but it will save you time, miles and wasted fuel, so be sure to know where you want to go. In today’s society, this means relying heavily on digital and satellite navigation to get us to our destination.

Keep your Car Well Maintained

This might seem completely obvious, but making regular visits to your local mechanics is extremely important for helping the environment. A well maintained vehicle will reduce harmful emissions and save you more fuel.

Keep your Tyres Properly Inflated

FYI, under inflated tyres can seriously decrease your fuel mileage. Bear in mind that keeping your tyres properly inflated can increase your fuel mileage by more than 3%. This, in turn, can help you save a significant amount of money over the course of the year and improve the longevity of your tyres - not to mention helping you feel more safer, more secure whilst driving. Need help getting your tyres properly inflated? This is where we can step in and significantly save the day...

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Invest in Eco-friendly Tyres

I know what you’re thinking, do eco-friendly tyres even exist? The short answer is, yes, they actually do but unfortunately they don’t come at a cheap price. This is another way you can do your part to help the environment in case you are struggling to afford or finance a hybrid.

Gradually Accelerate

The more you press your foot on the accelerator, the faster your vehicle will travel. In order to save yourself money and improve C02 emissions from polluting the air, avoid pressing your foot down harshly on the accelerator. Instead, you should aim to accelerate gradually.

Too Much Junk in the Trunk

In terms of reducing the overall weight of your vehicle, there is not much you can do as a driver. However, you can decide to carry less items in the boot or backseat of the car. Remove any unnecessary items such as bikes, ski equipment, car seats, dog crates or any other heavy items to keep your ride as possible. By doing this you’re saving money and reducing fuel emissions.

Air Conditioning VS Windows Down - Which is better?

I recommend that if you’re driving in the city, the best and most efficient option would be roll your windows down. Bear in mind that turning on your air conditioning can consume a lot of your petrol.

You could roll down your windows when driving on the motorway but this often creates “drag” (the air resistance vehicles encounter when moving). So, my best recommendation is to use A/C sparingly whilst at the same time utilizing your vehicles car fan so that it stays cooler for longer.

Change the way you drive

It is fair to say that we are all guilty of speeding and wasting unnecessary amount of fuel when driving. I mean, there have been many times where I’ve tried to beat the car next to me off the light or wanted to impress my friends by driving fast on the motorway. Here is the thing: What does it achieve apart from the feel-good factor? You’re wasting money and you’re releasing more toxic fumes into the air- which as a result harms the atmosphere and the surrounding animals.

Here’s a fun fact to keep in mind: All vehicles lose fuel economy at speeds above 55mph, and driving 65mph instead of 75mph reduces fuel cost by 13%. Driving 55mph saves 25%.
Surely these figures will motivate you to speed less on the road.

Buy or Lease a Hybrid

Hybrids are much more fuel efficient than conventional vehicles, they require less oil changes, use less fuel, they are much more quieter on the road and are much better for the environment. Hybrids are generally more pricey to buy out right, but will save you much more in the long term. If you’re not interested in purchasing a hybrid, perhaps you should consider leasing a hybrid? Here at Rivervale we offer a range of curated car leasing options to suit your needs and wants, including Personal Contract Hire (PCH), Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), and Personal Hire Purchase (PHP)/ Lease Purchase (LP). For more information, check out our Ultimate Guide to Personal Car Leasing.

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Do you already use any of these tips? Do you have any to add? Leave a comment below.

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