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Part Ways with Pointless Paper!

Part Ways with Pointless Paper!

We’re all getting used to going paperless, with our phone bills, gas bills and most other bills now being all online …….so it’s no surprise the DVLA are following the trend.  We’ve been building up to the loss of the tax disc for some time now since the announcements starting coming in 2013 of their demise, after 93 years.  What does it mean for motorists?  In our car leasing news we take a look to keep our leasing customers in the know!

 Blog / old tax disc

So here’s what you need to know ……..

From the 1st October 2014 it will no longer be a legal requirement to display tax discs in your vehicle windscreen, so even if you have months left to run on your paper tax disc you can just remove it and throw it away!  From October the paper tax disc will no longer be issued.  The DVLA have a digital record of who has paid and the police can access this system, ANPR will also help flag up those tax dodgers as they drive by.

From 1st November 2014 all vehicle owners can choose to pay their road tax by direct debit.  This can be paid annually, biannually or even monthly.  There will be a surcharge on the biannually and monthly payments of 5%, but this is half of the 10% surcharge currently added on the 6 month disc available at the moment.

The loss of the tax disc also means when buying or selling a vehicle the tax is not transferrable as used to be the case with the old tax disc.  It will be the sellers responsibility to inform DVLA that they have sold the car, otherwise you may still be held accountable for any tax that needs paying or any fines the new driver picks up …….also there is a possible fine of £1000 to face.  The new driver must ensure they tax the vehicle immediately.  This can be done by using the New Keeper Supplement VSC/2 part of the vehicle registration V5C online, calling the DVLA or popping into the local Post Office.

It will also be the end of separate applications for road tax refunds; this will all be done automatically by the magical DVLA computers when you inform them about selling your vehicle, scrapping your vehicle or declaring SORN. 

As long as you continue to have a valid MOT DVLA will continue to collect road tax payments from you until you inform them otherwise, this is helpful for the more forgetful of us out there.

To wave farewell to the tax disc the DVLA have made a little video ……..

 Blog / tax disc goodbye video

……And while they were at it DVLA thought hmmm what other bit of paper can we get rid of ….. The answer…. The counterpart to the photocard driving licence yey!  It’s a good idea as most of us have probably lost it by now! 

So from the 1st January 2015 no more counterparts will be issued and anyone who still has theirs can rip it up and throw it away!  However, this doesn’t mean any points you had on there will also be thrown away….sorry!  Businesses and organisations that need to check the information on the counterpart will be able to do so using a new digital enquiry service from the DVLA.  This will only be available to those who have a right to view that information and with the licence holders knowledge.

Blog / counterpart driving licence

You can even check the status of your own driving licence by going online.  All you need is your driving licence number, National Insurance number and your postcode.  This service is already up and running- take a look here  For those not as internet savvy you can also check the status of your licence by post or phone!

So bye bye paper!

The comments above do not necessarily reflect Rivervale's views unless clearly stated.

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15 August 2014
Written by Rivervale
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