5 Things Every Driver Should Keep Inside Their Car

5 Things Every Driver Should Keep Inside Their Car

Whether you’re in the market for your next car or if you’ve already got one and have been driving for a while, there are a few essentials every driver needs to keep in their car to stay safe on the roads and get you out of any emergency situations when driving. Here are our key recommendations that you should have handy in your car before setting off on any journeys. Read on.

Jumper Cables

First things first, make sure you have jumper cables in the back of your car, I can’t reiterate how important this is to have.

Scenario: You’ve finished a long day at work and you’re looking forward to getting home, but that’s when you notice your car is failing to start.

This is where jumper cables come in to help save the day - and your stress levels.

However, you will need a fellow driver to help give you a jump start. Yes, this has happened to me before, and if you’re someone like me and you’re not the most savvy driver - or best mechanic - then this is not the best situation to find yourself in. Thankfully, I had someone to give me a helping hand.

Being stranded on the motorway with this problem, for example, is a worse situation to find yourself in. But that’s why we have breakdown companies like the AA for roadside assistance.

Tyre Inflator

Every driver should make sure they have a decent tyre repair kit, tyre pump and spare tyre at the back of their car in case of an emergency. As you can imagine, flat or punctured tyres can happen very frequently on the road, and at the worst times too. Having a spare tyre at the back of your car that’s ready to go, or a good quality tyre repair kit is a must have for any driver. Equally as important is having a tyre pump, just to keep those tyres topped up when low on air.

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First Aid Kit

A first aid kit can really make your life easier, and potentially save a life too. If somebody has cut themselves really badly, and they are bleeding excessively, then a first aid kit will help massively. This will buy you time in case you need to rush them to the hospital. According to the Mayo Clinic, every first aid kit should include the following: Adhesive tape, bandages, gauze, cotton swabs, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, rubber gloves and a first aid manual.

Coolant and Washer fluid

For those who weren’t aware, it is illegal to run out of windscreen washer fluid, so be sure to top this up regularly - not only for your own safety but to save yourself from getting in trouble with the police.

Coolant and water is also very handy to have for topping up your engine, especially if you know that your car has a leak.
I can promise you if you run out of coolant, it’s not going to be fun, and you can cause serious damage to your car if you don’t top up coolant levels and let your engine over heat.

Additionally, you should always have some top up oil laying around in the backseat or boot of your car, you can usually find them at the motorway services. It’s also important to have your owners manual so you know exactly which oil is compatible with your car.

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Screwdriver, duct tape and paper towels

Multitools are extremely useful to keep inside your car.


Well, in case you’re involved in a life threatening accident, and your seat belt is jammed (highly unlikely, but it can happen), then it is always helpful to have a multitool stored away so that you can use the knife that comes along with it to safely break free.

This is how important it can be for saving your life - or somebody else’s.

As for duct tape, it is useful whenever something falls down or needs sticking back together. Not like that wasn’t obvious but worth pointing out.

Another essential is paper towels, even if it’s just to clean your hands after you’ve had something to eat or for whenever you need to check or top up your engine oil.

Are we missing any essentials? If so, which essentials would you add to the list? Leave a comment below.

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