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The New Classic and Sports Car Show – But which is the Greatest British Car?

The New Classic and Sports Car Show – But which is the Greatest British Car?

This autumn will see the launch of a brand new car show!  Classic and Sports Car Magazine are launching their new show at Alexandra Place, London 30th October – 1st November and they want you to get involved! 100 experts have been polled and a shortlist of 10 contenders have been generated to decide which is the Greatest British Car?  To register your vote go to here are the cars you can choose from ……..

1. Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

The Silver Ghost was sold 1906 – 1926 and used a 7 litre straight six engine that was very quiet.  It was said to be as ‘quiet as a ghost’ and so the name silver Ghost was born!  There were 7,874 built but very few remain today, one existing model is thought to be insured for $35 million!

 Blog / rolls royce silver ghost

2. Range Rover

The popularity of Range Rover is at an all-time high.  Originally Land Rover sold the Defender and not a lot else.  Then inspiration struck Chief Engineer Spen King and the more luxurious Range Rover was invented, intended for land owners to drive around their estate.

 Blog / original range rover

In 2014 the Range Rover Evoque was the top selling model. To date the Evoque has amassed a massive 160 international awards.


2.0 eD4 SE 5dr 2WD

 Blog / range rover evoque

Business contract hire £283.63 + VAT per month Initial rental: £1701.78 + VAT

Personal contract hire £340.35 per month Initial rental: £2042.10


3. McLaren F1

The F1 was created back in 1992. It has a massive 6.0 litre V12 engine that can go from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 240 mph made unique by its 3 seat layout with the driver in the middle.

 Blog / mclaren f1

4. Lotus Seven

The Lotus Seven was produced 1957 – 1972 and there were 2,500 sold during this time.  The Lotus Seven could reach speeds of 127 mph and due to its lightweight design could accelerate 0 – 60 in around 7 seconds.

 Blog / lotus seven

5. Mini

The original Mini was launched in 1959 and the last one was built in 2000.  During this time there were 5.3 million Mini’s built.

 Blog / original mini

The popularity of the Mini continues today with the 3 millionth new modern version being built in 2014 ……


1.5 Cooper 3dr

Blog / modern mini 

Business contract hire £159.30 + VAT per month Initial rental: £955.80 + VAT

Personal contract hire £194.28 per month Initial rental: £1165.68

6. Jaguar XKSS

There were only 25 Jaguar XKSS ever built and 9 were lost in a factory fire so there are only 16 still about today!  There are rumours Jaguar are considering starting a limited production of the XKSS to replace those 9 lost models.

 Blog / jaguar xkss

7. Bentley Speed Six

The Bentley Speed Six was the most successful race car Bentley ever produced winning the Le Mans 24 hours in 1929 and 1930. Under the bonnet is a massive 6.6 litre six cylinder engine.

 Blog / bentley speed six

8. Jaguar E-Type

The iconic E-Type sold 70,000 models during its original production 1961 – 1975.  Enzo Ferrari described the E-Type as ‘most beautiful car ever made, and one I wish I had made’.

 Blog / jaguar e type

9.Ford GT40

The Ford GT40 was designed and built in Slough and proved to be a highly successful racing car.  It won Le Mans in 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969.  During production from 1964 – 1969 107 models were built.

 Blog / ford gt40

10. Austin Seven

The Austin Seven was thought to transform the motoring industry. It’s low cost high volume production meant more people than ever before could afford to drive a car.  It was produced 1922 – 1939 and sold a massive 290,000 vehicles!

 Blog / austin seven


So which is your favourite?  

The comments above do not necessarily reflect Rivervale's views unless clearly stated.

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16 June 2015
Written by Natalie Faughy
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