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Will Jaguar Create A Car That Can Read Our Minds?

Will Jaguar Create A Car That Can Read Our Minds?

Cars are getting smarter and smarter every year – they can park for us, alert us if we are creeping out of our lane, direct us to our destination and even brake for us if our reactions are a bit slow.  Now Jaguar are seeing whether it would be possible to create a car that can read our minds in their Jaguar Land Rover ‘mind sense’ project…………..

Jaguar are using technology from medicine, sports and aerospace to monitor heartrate, respiration and even the brain activity of drivers.  The aim is to reduce the number of accidents caused due to drivers who are distracted or stressed and so not giving the road ahead their full attention.

The wellness seat is one way Jaguar believe drivers could be monitored to ensure they are in a fit state to drive.  A sensor originally designed for use in hospitals has been adapted for use in the seat of a Jaguar XJ.  From here the sensor can monitor heart rate, breathing and so stress levels.  The car then responds to the driver’s state, for example if the driver is stressed audio settings or climate could be controlled and if the car detects a sudden and serious illness your Jaguar could bring you to a safe stop and get help. 

Jaguar Land Rover are also keen to reduce the amount of time drivers need to take their eyes off the road to use infotainment features in the car.  To do this they have created touchscreens that can predict where you are going to tap while your finger is still mid-air.  Also, the driver will not need to take their eyes off the road to ensure their selection has been correctly made …… using haptic feedback, ultrasonic signals will create a mid-air touch sensation.  This will give the driver the feeling of touching a surface, without actually making contact.  In trials, this system reduced the time the eyes are taken off the road by 22%.



The idea of haptics could also be used by Jaguar to communicate through the accelerator pedal.  In this way warning vibrations are passed onto the driver’s foot to warn of pushing through a speed limit or getting too close to the car in front.

The final piece of news from Jaguar is their hope to create a car that can read the drivers mind?

To do this they need to monitor brainwaves – currently the best way to do this is using a head band embedded with sensors.  This would not be practical in a car so Jaguar are investigating sensors that can detect brainwaves through a person’s hands. This technology is already used by NASA and Jaguar hope they can create sensors to detect a person’s brainwaves in a steering wheel.  This way a car could detect whether a driver is sleepy, daydreaming or not responding quickly to warnings the car is displaying.  Jaguar are consulting with neuroscientists in their trials of this technology to see whether a future where your car can monitor your brain activity is a possibility. 

How far will brain reading technology go? Would you really want your car to know your every thought?!?!?!

Here at RIvervale Car Leasing we can’t offer you a wellness monitoring seat or brain reading technology just jet, but we do have the Jaguar XJ to lease on a business or personal contract hire ….


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Business contract hire £646.52 + VAT per month Initial rental: £3879.12 + VAT

Personal contract hire £775.82 per month Initial rental: £4654.92   

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19 June 2015
Written by Natalie Faughy
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