The E-Pace - Jaguar's New Compact SUV

The E-Pace - Jaguar's New Compact SUV

The Jaguar E-Pace was launched in spectacular style at the London Excel Centre jumping into the Guinness Book of World Records with a daring barrel roll.

The Jaguar E-Pace is the little brother to the F-Pace released last year. Or should we say the little sister as Jaguar are hoping this small SUV will help them gain more female customers.

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The F-Pace has been the fastest selling Jaguar of all time with 80,000 sold in just a year. It has also been the model to win over more of the female market. Traditionally only 1 in 8 Jaguar buyers are women, for the F-Pace this figure moved to 1 in 3 and there is hope the E-Pace will equalise sales between the sexes further.

"The new E-Pace will attract a whole new audience which is younger and will see more women.  In the past Jaguar was seen as a car mainly for men.  That is all changing.  The gender and age balance is shifting and will shift even further with this car."

- Jeremy Hicks, Jaguar UK Managing Director 

In a show stopping display stunt driver Terry Grant performed a 15.3 metre long barrel roll with a twist of 270 degrees which is officially the longest barrel roll in a production vehicle. This isn't the only first the E-Pace will make as it will be the first ever Jaguar made outside of the UK. This model will be made in Austria and China which is a blow for British manufacturing but Jaguar Land Rover maintain Britain remains at the heart and soul of the company and employs some 42,000 people here already.

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The SUV segment has become increasingly crowded over the past 10 years so the E-Pace will have a few rivals in the shape of the Audi Q3, BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC which are all popular models. Jaguar seem confident they will be able to steal a few of these customers as Jeremy Hicks predicted 80% of E-Pace buyers will be poached from other manufacturers.

Exterior Features of the E-Pace

Interior Features of the E-Pace

The E-pace is intended to be a family SUV so the inside is packed full of family friendly features. Top of the list is storage; there is a large storage bin between the front seats which is large enough to hold a handbag as well as a 10 litre lockable glove box, these storage areas make up a few of the 40 litres of storage space available in the cabin. The boot holds 577 litres and can be gesture controlled, when your hands are full you only need to wave your foot under a sensor at the rear to open and close the boot.

The second most important family feature is charging devices and the E-Pace makes sure no one will ever run out of power during a journey with four 12 volt and five USB charging points available. There is no use having power without any internet though so the E-Pace can offer a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 8 devices keeping the whole family connected.

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For busy parents on the go the InControl app can keep you organised by tracking your E-Pace so you always know where you left it! As well as letting you know fuel levels, mileage and even turning the heating on ready for when you climb in to begin your journey. This app will also be able to contact emergency services and provide your location should an emergency situation arise.

The multi-media interface in the E-Pace is in the form of a 10" colour touchscreen, the panels displayed can be customised and if you prefer, pinch and swipe gestures are recognised as well as voice control. For a full digital experience, a 12.3" full colour HD interactive dashboard display and optional Head-Up-Display are available for important driver information such as speed and navigation.

Classic Jaguar wood veneers have made way for soft furnishings inside giving a lighter, luxurious and comfortable feel.

Technology and Driver Aids

  • Emergency Braking - firstly, an audible warning will be given if you are at risk of a forward collision, if no action is taken a visual warning will be given, if there is still no driver response the E-Pace will brake for you. This system includes pedestrian sensing technology.
  • Lane Keep Assist - your E-Pace will steer you back into your lane if you unintentionally drift out.
  • Driver Condition Monitor - this system will detect driving behaviour that may indicate you are feeling drowsy and let you know it's time to take a break.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control and Queue Assist - this technology will accelerate up to your set speed and reduce speed if you become too close to the car in front, then accelerate again when the road is clear ahead. It can also bring the E-Pace to a complete stop in traffic and move forward when the traffic begins moving again.
  • Parking - the E-Pace can come with front and rear parking sensors which alert you when you get too close to another object, a 360-degree surround camera to give you a clear view of your E-pace and surrounding area or Park Assist which will steer into and out of spaces for you while you control the speed.
  • Matrix LED Headlight and High Beam Assist - these are the most up to date headlight technologies which ensure you have maximum visibility in all conditions while making sure you never dazzling oncoming traffic.
  • Pedestrian Airbag - if the worst should happen and contact with a pedestrian is going to occur a sensor on the bonnet will trigger an airbag. This airbag will cover the bonnet and reduce injury to the pedestrian on impact.
  • Blind Spot Assist - this technology alerts the driver to any objects out of the line of view.
  • Activity Key - takes the worry out of where to keep your car key as you can wear it around your wrist and it is waterproof, ideal for activities such as swimming, running and cycling. The E-Pace will sense the activity key and open the car meaning you can leave your main key locked safely inside.

Trim Levels

There are 4 trim levels to choose from depending on the amount of luxury finishes and technology upgrades you would like. Examples of features found in each trim level can be seen in the table below.

Jaguar E-Pace Trim Levels

 E-PaceE-Pace S in addition to E-Pace E-Pace SE in addition to E-Pace E-Pace HSE in addition to E-Pace SE 
17" 10 spoke alloy wheels  18" 9 spoke alloy wheels  19"10 spoke alloy wheels  20" 5 spoke alloy wheels 
LED headlights  Daytime running lights  Auto high beam assist  Perforated Windsor leather interior  
Heated door mirrors  Auto dimming powerfold heated door mirrors with puddle lights  14 way adjustable front seats with memory  18 way adjustable front seats with memory
Fabric 8 way adjustable front seats  Grained leather 10 way adjustable front seats  Meridian sound system  Interactive driver display 
Touch Pro 10" multi media screen  Touch Pro with ConnectPro (smartphone pack, InControl app, Navigation and 4G Wi-Fi hotspot)  Adaptive cruise control with queue assist   
Emergency braking  Traffic sign recognition  High speed emergency braking   
Rear camera  Adaptive speed limiter  Blind spot assist   
Cruise control and speed limiter  360 degree park aid camera     
Lane keep assist  Rear traffic monitor     
Driver condition monitor  Park assist     
Front and rear parking aids  Auto dimming interior rear view mirror     

Engine Choices

At the launch of the E-Pace there will be a range of 5 engines, 3 diesel and 2 petrol;

  1. D150 FWD manual and AWD manual and auto - this is the most frugal engine achieving the highest mpg figure of 30.1-55.7 and the lowest CO2 emissions figure of 124g/km
  2. D180 only in AWD in manual or auto
  3. D240 as an AWD auto only
  4. P250 as an AWD auto only
  5. P300 AWD auto only - this is the fastest of all the engines with a top speed of 151 mph and a 0-60mph time of only 5.9 seconds.

Prices for the Jaguar E-Pace begin at £28,500.

Jaguar E-pace Leasing

The Jaguar E-Pace is avilable to lease with several great deals currently available. Read more:

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