The Benefits of a 65 Plate Car

The Benefits of a 65 Plate Car

March and September are exciting months in the car world … new registration plates are released! Would you believe some customers are so eager to get into their new vehicle they request midnight collections for the 65 plate.

We can all understand the attraction of something brand new, especially a fresh new car. For business’ it can be very beneficial to drive the latest plate, customers see a business vehicle with new registration cars or vans as performing well, so may be more likely to choose your company over the ones who drive around in rust buckets!

Showing off isn’t the only benefit of a brand new vehicle;

  • A brand new car = a brand new engine. Car manufacturers are constantly finding ways to make their engines more efficient in an effort to cut emissions. The bonus of this for drivers, other than being kinder to the environment, is improved fuel efficiency. The more efficient your vehicle the less frequently you will need to visit the petrol station.
  • You can tailor your vehicle to your needs – you can decide exactly how you want your car to look. It’s your choice of colour, do you want tinted windows? You can pick whether you have parking cameras, cruise control or leather seats. The list of options is so long, you can get the exact car you want!
  • Improved safety features – safety of a vehicle is a major consideration when buying a new car and manufacturers know this. The latest version of a vehicle will mean the latest safety features. Most cars now have an array of air bags to cushion any blows, they will break for you if you are getting a bit too close to the car in front and will even alert the emergency services if you are in an accident. Cars such as the Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy have 180 degree view cameras so blind junctions aren’t so blind anymore!

  • As your car will be brand new, it will be less likely to break down. No more crossing your fingers every time you turn your key in the ignition or turning up the radio to drown out those odd rattles.
  • If for some strange reason your new car does let you down, you will most likely be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. This means the responsibility of getting your car back on the road will be with the makers, so no cost to you!
  • As your car is brand new, it has zero previous owners. That’s nobody to create cigarette burns in the seats, nobody to miss a service and nobody to scrape along that wall. That’s zero fear of previous misuse or underlying mechanical issues.

Lastly, new number plates mean so many more words to make! Childish I know, but when you’re stuck in traffic a funny car registration is always a welcome distraction. As always, the DVLA have spoiled most of the fun by banning registrations they believe are too offensive. I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want HU65 ASS on their new car?

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