Introducing the Maxus E Deliver 3 and the E Deliver 9

Introducing the Maxus E Deliver 3 and the E Deliver 9

2021 promises to be a very big year for Chinese-backed commercial van manufacturer, Maxus, formerly known as LDV, with sales of not one but two all-new electric vans to the UK market. Maxus is working hard to steal a march on all other commercial van manufacturers by becoming the first brand to offer commercial vans powered exclusively by electric motors and batteries.

The time for your business to look seriously at moving away from conventional fuel-powered commercial vans towards greener, more efficient electric models will soon be upon you. We take a closer look at the E Deliver 3 and E Deliver 9 models to discover whether this all-electric commercial vehicle range can rev your company’s engine:

Who are Maxus?

Maxus have recently rebranded from LDV and were formerly known as Leyland DAF Vans, historically part of the Rover Group. SAIC Motors acquired Maxus/LDV in 2010 after the effects of the global recession bit hard in the back end of the 2000s. SAIC’s Maxus subsidiary restarted production of Maxus/LDV vans back in March 2011 and has not looked back since.

LDV used to be one of the UK’s leading light vehicle manufacturers, and the company is a prime example of the industrial shift from Western Europe to the Far East. Nevertheless, SAIC Motors now plans to sell its latest range of electric commercial vehicles throughout the UK and we’re here to show you this “family full of electrics” in all its glory.

The E Deliver 3

The E Deliver 3 is the second addition to the UK’s electric commercial van market, after the EV80. The smallest E Deliver 3 with the short wheelbase offers a range of up to 170 miles according to the WLTP testing standard. The model is built exclusively in China, but SAIC has hand-picked the UK as its inaugural export market, given the rapidly growing appetite for electric vehicles (EVs) from commercial drivers as well as domestic drivers.

The maximum speed for both variants of the E Deliver 3 – the short and long-wheelbase models – has been capped at 80.78 miles -per/h.

E Deliver 3 features for commercial fleets

  • Somewhat unusual vehicle size - If you are wondering how big the E Deliver 3 is, its shape falls somewhat uniquely between the size of a conventional small van and a genuine medium-size van. The standard short-wheelbase (SWB) model is 4.5m long, but a long-wheelbase (LWB) version is available at 5.1m in length. Load capacity is 5.0 and 6.3 cubic metres respectively for the SWB and LWB models.
  • 170-mile driving range - The E Deliver 3 is available with two different battery sizes – 35kW and 55kW. The larger 55kW offering is said to offer a driving range of up to 170 miles, with the smaller battery guaranteeing around 125 miles per charge. It’s worth bearing in mind that the WLTP test insists that the van is tested with the van carrying 75% of its published payload.
  • 80% charge in 45 minutes - If you plan on using a single-phase wall box to charge your EV30 at your premises, you can expect it to take up to seven hours to fully charge the van. Rapid chargers will help you achieve at least 80% charge within three-quarters of an hour.
  • 90kW motor equivalent to 120bhp -Buyers in the UK and Ireland will receive an 90kW motor in their E Deliver 3, which is equivalent to around 120bhp.
  • 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty on the van and an 8 year or 100k mile warranty on the battery!
  • In terms of the E Deliver 3's payload, the larger LWB model is designed to cope with one-tonne payload, while the smaller SWB model is designed to carry 855kg.

The E Deliver 9

Maxus’s E Deliver 9 is the second addition to the electric commercial van market in the UK. As the biggest model manufactured by SAIC, the E Deliver 9 is expected to be rated at the new maximum for electric vehicles, which is 4.25 tonnes gross vehicle weight, with payloads up to 1400kg. The vehicle will be treated as a 3.5 tonne , however the driver will need to undertake 5 hours of driver training, not a massive deal to be honest!

The E Deliver 9 will be made available in a host of body heights and lengths, all of which will be powered by a 150kW/200bhp, electric motor that will certainly put some pep in the E Deliver 9’s step.

E Deliver 9 features for commercial fleets

  • Due to land here in the UK Q1 2021 - Maxus' large electric commercial van, the E Deliver 9, is due for launch in the UK and Ireland early this year. The Maxus E Deliver 9 is to be manufactured using largely the same platform as its predecessor the EV80, although all panels of the E Deliver 9 have been given a reboot.
  • Estimated 150-mile range eclipses Mercedes-Benz eSprinter - The E Deliver 9 is designed to be a real game-changer in the large electric commercial van market, offering a greater average mileage range than that of the Volkswagen eCrafter and the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter. The E Deliver 9's 73kW electric motor offers up to 146 miles per charge however with the larger 88kW bettery that is due next year it will give circa 185 miles per charge.
  • 90 minutes average public charge - Charging times of the E Deliver 9’s 73kW electric motor differ depending on whether you use a 7kW home-based charger or a 50kW public charger. The 50kWV will take just an hour-and-a-half to fully charge, compared with up to ten hours using the 7kW.
  • 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty - If it's reliability you are looking for as well as performance, the E Deliver 9 will be offered with the manufacturer’s standard five-year, 60,000-mile warranty on the vehicle and battery, which is outstanding when compared with other commercial fleet warranties.

The E Deliver 9 will soon be available to buy and lease in the UK, the E Deliver 3 is already available to UK businesses.

At Rivervale Leasing, you can rely on us to offer exclusive deals on Maxus van leasing across their ranges– the E Deliver 3, and E Deliver 9.

Have you discovered an attractive leasing deal on either of these vans for your business elsewhere? Don’t forget, our pricing team is on-hand to match or better any Maxus van leasing package. It’s one of the many reasons why TrustPilot’s genuine reviewers have ranked us number-one for vehicle leasing in the UK!

For more information, visit Rivervale Maxus or call us on 01273 433 953.


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