Pure Electric Luxury Mercedes-Benz EQS - The First of a New Age

Pure Electric Luxury Mercedes-Benz EQS - The First of a New Age

As the first all-electric luxury saloon car from a brand that oozes opulence under the most manual of conditions, the EQS is one model that the car market was eager to meet. Sitting comfortably in the future, Mercedes-Benz’s first-ever all-electric offering is an exhilarating ride. With its sleek looks, stellar features and sophisticated stitching, it aims to please. How does this luxurious addition to the Mercedes-Benz family fare? Let’s take a look under its cutting-edge bonnet…

Meet the Mercedes-Benz EQS

As a brand, Mercedes-Benz doesn't shy away from innovation. This attitude is showcased in the form of the EQS, their first all-electric car. Well-thought-out, high-end and with quality features throughout, the german-born brand is one of the first to deliver a properly luxurious all-electric car.

Fans of the S-Class can enjoy the same technology they’ve come to expect from their slightly more mature counterpart with the EQS targeting the same top end of the market. As the fourth member of the fast-growing EQ family, its form is where it really starts to come into its own. Arch-like in its appearance, the low front of the EQS forms a coupé-esque shape with its flawless roof running in one continuous line from its front wheels to the rear. And as for its bonnet? There’s not much to speak of.

Mercedes EQS Side


It’s all in the details with the EQS, from its design to its aerodynamics. In fact, the ultra innovative teams were able to create the EQS in such a way that they achieved a new drag coefficient of 0.20, making it the most aerodynamic production car in the global sphere.

And who needs a brake pedal to decelerate? Not this clever luxury model. Intelligent technical foresight means that deceleration is applied to detected vehicles ahead until they come to a standstill. Say goodbye to bumps in the road, the EQS ensures a smooth ride.

Intelligent energy recovery is further aided by ECO Assist and takes into account a whole range of factors on the road. From traffic conditions to topography, the EQS puts you firmly in the driver's seat.

Hitting 60mph in just 6.2seconds, not to mention the hushed tones of its two electric motors - even at the highest of speeds, this is an innovative, pioneering car that is seriously fun to drive. Silence, sophistication and stealth, it’s the ideal ride to take you on any exciting adventure. Thinking of getting something a little more modest? Learn about the Mercedes-Benz EQE; it offers up plenty of the high-tech features offered in the EQS, but in a smaller, more economically-friendly package.

Mercedes EQS Side2

Mercedes-Benz EQS


  • Range: 439 Miles
  • 0-62 MPH: 6.2Seconds
  • CO2: 0 g/km
  • Luggage Capacity: 610 Litres (Seats up), 1770 Litres (Seats down)
  • Top Speed: 130mph

Mercedes-Benz EQS leasing prices start from £1735.60 exc. VAT per month


Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to style, and the EQS brings it in abundance. Open up any one of the five carefully created doors and you’ll find buttery soft leather upholstery, an innovatively designed infotainment system and comfortably heated front and rear seats. The perfect accompaniment to whatever journey awaits on the open road.

With a choice of five trims to really whet the driving appetite, this luxury model knows no bounds and comes as standard with a range of quality features. From 20-inch alloy wheels and a panoramic sunroof to AMG-specific exterior trim in black and chrome, it begs to be seen. The additional passenger screen encompasses most of the features of the main, central screen but allows for self-passenger perusal as the sat-nav and MBUX software setup - as per the likes of the E-Class and S-Class - take centre stage.

As well as maintaining a focus on a luxury look and feel by way of suede door detailing and comfortable leather seats, Mercedes-Benz has incorporated a touch of green by utilising a range of recycled plastics for the interior. An impressive touch. And depending on what driving mood you may be in, the ultra swish LED lighting system is super swish to provide a touch of ambience to your journey - with a choice of 190 colours.

As for comfort, the EQS really hits its peak. Huge front seats with soft pillows built into the front headrests are the perfect companion when it comes to getting a little shut-eye for charging on the go. Practicality is also a key feature, as seat comfort adjustments come courtesy of easily accessible in-door buttons as opposed to the more hidden away fiddly buttons of its competitors. Comfortable rear seats and a massive 610-litre boot ensure this luxury saloon can cater for any journey. It is common knowledge that the Mercedes S-Class Saloons have a premium interior. Love a nice interior? BMW designed their iX model from 'the inside out'!

Mercedes EQS Interior 2

Sustainability and driving

Depending on which model you go for, the EQS stands up well for long journeys. The first variant on offer is the EQS 450+, which produces 328bhp and a range of up to 453 miles between charges. Or if you fancy a bigger performance, opt for the AMG EQS 53. Producing a whopping 649bhp, only compromising a touch on its range to a more humble mileage of 355. To demonstrate how impressive this battery is, here is a list of the electric cars with the longest range.

The EQS also comes with an optional 22kW onboard charging system. This helps to speed things up for at-home charging.

Mercedes EQS Charging


This first all-electric model from Mercedes-Benz is an impressive offering. Aimed at a curious audience who want to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising on technology or the comfort of innovation, the EQS is a milestone for reaching CO2 neutrality. Get in touch with Rivervale today for the best car leasing deals if the EQS sounds like the touch of all-electric luxury you might need.

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