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The Mercedes-Benz Concept that should be a Reality!

The Mercedes-Benz Concept that should be a Reality!

From Daimlers research and development centre in Beijing emerges the Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code Concept Car….It’s the most exciting concept car we at Rivervale Leasing have seen in a long time – it’s green and provides fun in the form of electric scooters ……………

The Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code is covered entirely in multi-voltaic silver paint; this turns the whole car into a solar panel as the paint captures the energy from the sun and uses it to power a hybrid engine.  This isn’t the only way this concept can generate power, electrostatic charge can be generated just from the body moving through wind and kinetic energy from the suspension is also captured and used.  The back wheels are powered by an electric motor and the front uses a hydrogen combustion engine.   Nothing is wasted here either as the oxygen produced by the hydrogen drivetrain is used – it is pumped into the cabin to improve the air quality for all the occupants of the car!Blog / mercedes benz concept doors

It even looks futuristic with a continuous glass panel from the driver’s side window to the passenger’s side window.  There are no B pillars here, doors are hinged from front and back so there is super easy access to the rear seat.  In the front you will find a glowing light display that changes colour – when you are parked the lights will shine blue, when purple you know you driving using the hybrid engine and when it glows red you know you are in sport mode.

Blog / mercedes benz concept lights

So not only does it look amazing there as some amazing features inside that would make driving this concept a pleasure.  While you are inside the vehicle 3D scanners will keep an eye on you and your passengers.   If it is detected your passengers might be getting sleepy the massage function in the seat will be automatically turned on!  The fabrics inside are all anti-dirt so you will never need to spend time cleaning!  And the best part of all – hidden in the car are electric scooters to make any part of your journey you need to make by foot that little bit faster!

Blog / mercedes benz concept seats

Sadly it is only a concept but we can hope that a few of these features may find their way into new Mercedes-Benz models in years to come!

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10 November 2014
Written by Rivervale
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