NBA Rookie Falls Victim to Car Prank

NBA Rookie Falls Victim to Car Prank

A car prank most pranksters will love.

It’s fair to say that in the states, the popularity for basketball and the NBA (National Basketball Association) speaks for itself. In the UK however it hasn’t really picked up quite as fast… But, if you’re anything like us and you follow what happens across the NBA, both on and off the court, you’ll know that teammates, by tradition, are allowed to play pranks on their rookie counterparts ( known as “rookie hazing” in the basketball industry). A well-executed prank in basketball — or sports in general — is important for building team chemistry and leaves everyone laughing — including the target as well as us, car dealerships, who like to occasionally write about the latest car pranks.

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Rayford Trae Young (born September 19, 2018), an American pro basketball player for the Atlanta Hawks’ of the NBA, who recently fell victim to the “rookie hazing” prank. Fortunately for him, he wasn’t the main victim; it was his brand-new, matte black Audi R8. Here’s some footage that was shared by Officialize on Twitter, showing his teammates from Atlanta Hawks’ filling his Audi R8 with popcorn:

Surely a prank to remember (Sorry Young).

The Audi R8 was a relatively new car for Young, as he just purchased it in the summer of July, 2018. This was the first car that Young purchased on his own as a pro basketball player, so of course he was going to be targeted by his teammates. I mean, it’s tradition, so he must’ve expected it coming. Judging from the evidence of the short snippet, I certainly wouldn’t like to be a victim of the “rookie hazing” prank, especially if you consider how much Young spent on his Audi R8 (believed to be in the region of $140,000). Ouch.

With that amount of popcorn inside the car, it’s surely going to be difficult for those who have to clean it. Young reportedly reacted with laughter at the sight of his Audi R8 being popcorn-filled, but another video also shows that he wasn’t very amused too. This means that he has to once again dive into his wallet just to get it cleaned.

Young wasn’t the only one to get pranked. Omari Spellman, another Hawks’ rookie, received the same prank too.

What is your favourite car prank of 2018?

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