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Can you pick up in a Pick-Up? The Nissan Navara Review!

Can you pick up in a Pick-Up?  The Nissan Navara Review!

When I was handed the keys and asked to review a pick-up truck I clearly misunderstood a pick-up trucks uses. I merrily danced out of the office thinking my …….unspecified amount of time ………as a singleton was over and who knew all I needed was a truck!

After some explanation and a few really sad hours in the Navara I soon got to grips with the actual task at hand and even decided to really get into character. I realised people who would need a pick-up truck would be those with certain professions such as tree surgeon, those in the building trade, decorators and well the list is endless. So as I was no stranger to some light bush trimming I imagined myself as a landscape gardener, got on my overalls and began my review ……

From the outside the Nissan Navara Outlaw 3.0dci I’m reviewing looks rugged and ready for any terrain you may encounter on your day. With chunky 18” alloys the Navara weighs in at an impressive 3240kg meaning you could tow pretty much anything ….. Well anything up to 3000kg! For those of us that would like to try and enter and exit the Outlaw with some grace there are sidesteps to be used. Now they are fast at risk of becoming an endangered species but the Navara even includes a lesser spotted full size spare tyre – so don’t let a flat interfere with your day! All this weight means there needs to be a decent sized engine underneath the bonnet and the Outlaw offers a V6 3 litre diesel engine the Outlaw makes a surprisingly speedy 0-62mph in 9.3 seconds and power up to a top speed of 121mph.

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Now if like me you imagined the inside of a pick-up truck to be an uncomfortable seat and not a lot else then you are really in for a shock. Inside you could easily imagine being sat in any family vehicle with all the creature comforts we have all come to love. There’s air con, cruise control, electric sunroof, electric windows and Bose speaker system. You can organise your work life while driving with phone connectivity and steering wheel controls.

Blog / nissan navara steering wheel Blog / nissan navara sat nav

This is perfect as it means you will never miss a call that could potentially be your next job while you are driving. There’s a lockable glove box if you need to store any precious belongings. My favourite thing about the interior ……….. While driving a warm sensation began in my underneath my pert (ish) posterior ……yes it’s a pick-up truck with heated seats – what more could you wish for!

Blog / nissan navara front interior Blog / nissan navara back seats

Most pick-up truck owners will probably want to use their vehicle outside of work hours - the Nissan Navara is perfectly versatile vehicle for work and for family life. The double cab provides seating for 5 so enough room for the average family and there’s isofix for safely transporting really little people. And think with all that space out the back there is room for the bikes and a tent if you are off for a weekend adventure, there’s sat nav ready for you so you could go anywhere!

I will just provide some advice to those who may not be the most proficient of parkers …… 5296 mm long and 1848 mm wide the outlaw is huge for the nervous parker to manoeuvre. On top of that the smallest legal parking space in the Uk is 4500mm long by 1800mm wide so you see you may need to pick your parking space wisely. The maximum legal width in the UK to park is 2700mm so even this would only leave a teeny space to wriggle out of your outlaw …….maybe time to start using that gym membership!

But with all that room from the family has it reduced the room on the flatbed? I knew there was only one way to show you how much space there is out back so after much persuasion a few reluctant members of the Rivervale Car Leasing team climbed aboard the Outlaw! Thank you boys!

Blog / nissan navara all in

I loved driving the Nissan Navara I felt like the King of the road and I was sad to hand back the keys ……..and the borrowed overalls ………The Navara offers a perfect blend of function and comfort. Nissan say in the Navara you can work hard and play hard and I believe that is definitely true! As for picking up in a pick-up I couldn’t but it’s probably not the Narava’s fault!

The Nissan Navara comes in 4 ranges from the most affordable Visia range all the way up to the top the range Outlaw. 

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