Why is June 8th an Important Day for Motorists?

Why is June 8th an Important Day for Motorists?

The tax disc was abolished 1st October 2014 and it seems we are still struggling to come to terms with the change. Before the reform around 5,000 vehicles were clamped every month for failing to have road tax, after the reforms that figure has risen to 8,000. Many people are still unaware that when they buy a second hand car the road tax cannot be transferred, it ends when the vehicle changes owners. The previous owner will receive a refund on any remaining road tax and the new owner needs to pay for road tax at the post office or with the DVLA online or by phone before they drive their new purchase away.

Now to add to confusion the DVLA will be scrapping the paper counterpart to the photocard licence on June 8th…..

This means on June 8th if you have a photocard licence you can destroy your paper counterpart, (unless you have already lost it!) as all details of any points or traffic violations will be held on the DVLA database. Police and those who genuinely need this information such as insurance companies will be able to get access to your information. You can check your details yourself online here https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence by phone or by post.

The DVLA have made this handy video to explain the changes …….

Industry experts are predicting the new changes may affect those who are trying to hire a car. In the UK all hire and car leasing companies should be aware of the changes, the problems may occur when holiday makers go to hire a car abroad. Those wanting to hire a car will need to log on to the DVLA website and obtain a passcode that they can then present at the hire company desk, this will allow the hirer to check their licence details. There are a few catches to what sounds like a simple process, the hirer’s abroad need to be informed of the new system and the code is only active for 72 hours. This means if a car is need after several days into the holiday a Wi-Fi hotspot will be needed to get a passcode or people may face those dreaded roaming charges. Alternatively the DVLA can be called and given the name of a person or organisation allowed to check your licence ….Just try not to make eye contact will the angry queue of people forming behind you in the hire shop while you sort this all out! Motorists can download and print a copy of their driving licence details but it remains unclear whether these will be accepted abroad.

Back here in the UK it means one less piece of paper to worry about, faster changes as the DVLA system can be used to change your address at the click of a button and there will now be no constant visual reminder of the day you drove less than perfectly!

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