The New 16 Plate Created Record Registrations this March!

The New 16 Plate Created Record Registrations this March!

More than ever before motorists are choosing to drive a brand new vehicle. January saw the highest number of car registrations in 11 years and March has seen the highest number since registrations became bi-annual in 1999.

This March a record breaking 518,707 cars were registered. This is an increase of 5.3% when compared to March 2015. These bumper sales have also resulted in a very strong 1st quarter with January-March sales up 5.1% on the same time period in 2015 with 771,780 registrations.

The figures for March registrations have plenty to tell us about our buying decisions.

  • Despite the recent bad press associated with diesel vehicles, registrations of diesel vehicles still rose in March by 4.8% compared to March 2015, whereas petrol sales showed an ever so slightly smaller increase of 4.7%.
  • The biggest increase was seen in registrations of alternative fuel vehicles with a rise of 21.4% this March compared to March 2015. This encouraging trend may suggest drivers are starting to trust alternative fuels more as range anxiety levels slowly decrease.
  • The supermini is still the most popular choice of car, with over a third of buyers opting for the compact city loving car.
  • The rise of the SUV continues with 1 in 6 cars registered last month of this type. There is a massive 140% increase in SUV sales in March 2016 compared to March 2006 showing how quickly SUVs have filled our roads!
  • The most common choice of car colour remains white, with black in second place and grey coming in third place.
  • The average CO2 emissions of cars registered in March was 121.4 g/km – the lowest recorded yet. The reason behind this could be a combination of drivers becoming more environmentally aware and opting for low emission vehicles, as well as manufacturers continual commitment to producing low emission vehicles. Compared to 15 years ago average emissions have reduced by an impressive 32.9%.

So, has the Ford Fiesta been knocked off the top spot for best-selling car this March? No! It remains the number one car choice here in the UK.

Registrations this March

Vehicle Number of Registrations March 2016
Ford Fiesta 23,467
Vauxhall Corsa 17,368
Ford Focus 14,002
Volkswagen Golf 13,041
Nissan Qashqai 11,355
Volkswagen Polo 10,279
Vauxhall Astra 9,953
Mini 8,915
Fiat 500 8,304
Audi A3 8,200

What is the attraction of a brand new car?

  • Leasing deals are available for every make and model of car and van you can think of. Paying for your car every month has become as normal as paying for your mobile phone. At the end of your contract you can even hand your car back and get a newer model!
  • The newer the engine - the more efficient it is likely to be. This means being kinder to the environment as well as saving a few pennies at the pumps.
  • As well as improving engines, manufacturers are continually improving safety technology and driver aids to make sure all your blind spots are eliminated, warnings will sound if you get too close to another car and should you still have a slight bump you will be cocooned by multiple airbags!

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