Revealed: UK Areas with the Most Winter Accidents

Revealed: UK Areas with the Most Winter Accidents

Mapped: Top 10 UK Areas with the Most Accidents in Winter Weather

Condensation on the windows, a snow-covered roof and de-icer at the ready – winter weather is inconvenient for most motorists. Driving in wintry conditions can also be very dangerous, which is why you should be extra careful in the colder months.

Rivervale has analysed the Department for Transport’s Road Traffic Statistics to reveal which UK areas have the most road accidents in winter conditions.

We studied five years of data from 206 local authorities, looking at the number of accidents during snow, ice, floods, fog and darkness.

● One road accident happens every hour in snow, ice, floods, fog and darkness
● 44,783 accidents in wintry weather occurred 2016-2020
● Kent has the highest number of road accidents in winter conditions (2,010)

Top 10 UK areas with the most accidents in wintry conditions

Kent revealed to have the highest number of wintry road accidents

The Department for Transport’s statistics show that out of 206 local authorities, Kent has the highest number of road accidents recorded in winter conditions.

A total of 2,010 accidents occurred between 2016 and 2020, averaging 402 accidents per year in snow, ice, floods, fog and darkness.

Looking at each of the adverse conditions in isolation, Kent has the highest number of incidents for all bar one. The only exception is flooding, with Nottinghamshire recording the most accidents.

Lincolnshire comes second for most accidents in winter weather

After Kent, Lincolnshire is revealed to have the most wintry accidents at 1,606 between 2016 and 2020, or an average of 321 per year.

With 1,135 accidents in darkness, 284 in ice and 115 in fog recorded in total, Lincolnshire drivers should be extra cautious when it comes to driving in winter weather.

Surrey drivers at risk in winter weather with the third-highest total accidents

Surrey follows with the third-highest number of accidents in winter conditions. With 1,546 accidents from 2016 to 2020, or 309 per year on average, Surrey drivers may want to take extra care during the colder months.

The statistics show that in total, Surrey has recorded 1,120 accidents in darkness, 272 in ice and 64 in snowy conditions.

Top 10 UK areas with the fewest accidents in wintry conditions

We also uncovered the top 10 local authorities with the least number of accidents in winter conditions between 2016 and 2020.

1. City of London – one accident
2. Isles of Scilly – two accidents
3. Heathrow Airport – three accidents
4. Torfaen – 15 accidents
5. Dundee City – 17 accidents
6. Blackpool – 21 accidents
7. Trafford – 27 accidents
8-9. Islington – 29 accidents
8-9. Reading – 29 accidents
10. Kingston upon Hull – 31 accidents

Blackpool, Reading and Hull make the top 10 for fewest accidents

The City of London has had the least accidents with just one caused by snow, which is unsurprising as it’s such a small area.

However, larger local authorities like Blackpool (21), Reading (29) and Kingston upon Hull (31) also make the top 10 for the fewest accidents in winter weather, each with less than 40 accidents in five years.

5 top tips for driving in winter conditions

Bud Johnston, Group Marketing Manager at Rivervale Leasing gave his five top tips for staying safe when driving in common winter weather conditions.

1. Keep your windows extra clean in darkness. Light on dirty glass causes glare, decreasing your visibility of the road. Make sure to keep your windows clean to reduce the glare from other driver’s headlights.

2. Pull away in second gear on icy roads. Make sure to do this gently to minimise wheel-spin while pulling away.

3. Avoid a £50 fine and turn your fog lights off when visibility improves. Fog lights are useful but should only be turned on ‘unless visibility is seriously reduced’, according to The Highway Code. You could risk a £50 Fixed Penalty Notice if you don’t comply.

4. Keep a spare pair of shoes in your car for snowy conditions. Driving with wet, slippery shoes on after walking to your car in the snow could be dangerous. Keep a spare pair in your car to ensure you can stay dry while driving safely.

5. Don’t open your bonnet if you break down during a flood. The rain can ruin your car’s electronics and can be very expensive to fix.

Read our ultimate guide to winter driving and stay safe on the roads in ice, snow, fog and other dangerous conditions. Or if you’re looking for a new vehicle, see our best cars for winter driving plus our best car lease deals available online

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