The Rivervale Go-Kart Review

The Rivervale Go-Kart Review

This week I took on a review of a different nature to celebrate our new partnership with QLeisure.

Just 6 miles from Brighton in the Sussex countryside is the 800 m long outdoor karting track with a range of karting events for you to get involved in - from birthday parties to stag dos to our very own championship, The Rivervale Cup!
So this week I completed my first ever Kart review.

Having never been Karting before I really didn’t know what to expect, but the day started well. For Karting drivers wear a special outfit, as a massive fan of dressing up this instantly put me in a very good mood! Jumpsuit on I went to see the Kart, with Rivervale branding in abundance of course I loved it! Now here is where my mood took a turn for the worse …

Firstly, came the helmet and claustrophobia I never knew I had convinced me there was no way I could breathe with it on my head. Somehow, I did continue to breathe and climbed in the kart to receive my next shock … I love the reassuring cuddle of a seat belt pre tensioner found in most new cars – in this Kart there is no seatbelt! Why no seatbelt? So that in the event of a crash I am thrown clear from the Kart I am told, and this is a good thing? I love the feeling of safety from being in a higher seated position found in crossovers and SUV’s – in this Kart my bottom was only a few centimetres from the ground! I wanted to ask about the presence of any airbags but by this point I was far too scared to hear the answer!

On the plus side, the seat although plastic, was very comfortable. And there’s plenty of good news for the boys, man spreading is actively encouraged by the layout of the Kart! More than this the brake and accelerator pedals are enormous so no chance at all of you missing the spot here boys!

So I was off in a helmet I couldn’t breathe in, with no seatbelt and centimetres from the ground. After a few practice laps I had mastered Hells drop, the Rattle Snake, Gurkhas Revenge and Carls Bend, all while trying to get to the Karts maximum speed of 65 mph. Not as fast as the usual cars I review but it felt racing car fast on the 800m long track! There is also good news for those who have reversing nightmares – there is no reverse!

There was no Bluetooth, so it was impossible to make calls around the track, but my top annoyance in new cars – the panoramic roof – was nowhere to be seen, as there is no roof, perfect on a sunny day not so sure about rain! I can honestly say out of the many cars I’ve managed to persuade my boss to let me review this was by far the most fun I have had driving; the lack of safety features just added to the adrenaline rush – driving a car on the road just feels so boring to me now!

Then came the ultimate challenge for which Lloyd at Q Leisure was brave enough to take on. We settled the age old battle of boys vs girls – who is the better driver… I’m very pleased to say on behalf of all women everywhere we are now officially the best driver’s yey! Sorry boys, girls rule! *

*N.B The events of the girls vs boys race are true and correct as my imagination remembers them on the day and may not represent the actual events.

Karting is not the only activity you can get up to at QLeisure. There’s paintball and shooting to enjoy, as well as the Warrior Run for which the QLeisure team were preparing while I was there. The next Warrior Run takes place on 11th October and contains over 50 obstacles over 7 km. After my karting success I thought I would give an obstacle a go … it’s much harder than it looks, I never made it over!


Massive thanks to Lloyd and all those at QLeisure who looked after me for the day!!!!

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