Why We Pay Close Attention To Our Reviews

Why We Pay Close Attention To Our Reviews

So why do we all take so much interest in customer reviews these days? Well, from a consumer’s perspective the information you gain on a product or a business in a very short period of time can really tell you bundles!

If it is a toaster you will see how many people have reviewed it and whether its good bad or indifferent. If it is a service, you will soon find out if the provider did what they said they were going to do for the money paid and there are a lot of consumers that will not transact with anyone unless they can see some reviews first.

From a supplier’s point of view, they are great at letting perspective customers know how good we are and that we will do what we have said we will do and gives the consumer confidence in transacting with us. Any help we can give a consumer to make an informed decision when buying products and services can’t be a bad thing.

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*BREAKING NEWS* We don’t always get it right!

The consumer always has the right to post a review based on the service they have received and that’s how it should be, whether it’s good or bad. From where I sit how we respond to a poor review is equally as important as acknowledging a good one. We all know that problems happen but its how you deal with the problem that really matters.

We selected Trustpilot to be our review platform of choice so that we could engage with our customers to find out what we do well or not so well and again this is really valuable intel. There are many review platforms out there, but we felt Trustpilot was the right fit for us.

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They should all do the same thing, which is to engage with existing or potential customers, help the business identify issues within which will help to improve what they do. For us gaining customer feedback is the best way to find out if you are doing a good job.

Through 2020 we received 96% 5-Star, 3% 4-Star and 1% 2-Star, which when you look at it is a fantastic result. However, we will always have the drains up when you have a low scoring review. Was it us, one of our leasing partners or the dealer we have used all of which doesn’t matter we just always get to the bottom of the problem and try to resolve for our customer and equally as important, we learn from it.

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