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Rivervale Pick the Top 5 Cars to Lease on a New 16 Plate

Rivervale Pick the Top 5 Cars to Lease on a New 16 Plate

Spring is very nearly here, this means daffodils appearing, lighter evenings and dreams of long summer days.  It also means every car is now available on a brand new 16 plate.  So which cars are the Rivervale Car Leasing team the most excited about …

The Evoque Convertible

The Evoque burst onto the scene in 2011 and took the SUV market by storm, quickly becoming Range Rovers most successful ever vehicle.  It’s packed with tech, compact enough for the city and tough enough for almost any terrain.  So how do you make it even better?  Take the roof off!  It’s a genius idea for us sun loving Brits, the second the sun appears we immediately search out our shorts and try and catch every drop while it lasts.  Now we have a car that can cope with anything and let us enjoy those few precious moments of summer.  The fabric roof can fold down or go back up in 18 seconds, the only drawback is the loss of a seat, and the Evoque convertible is only for 4 people and you will have to compromise on boot space.  All the tech you would expect is still there including voice control system, InControl touch pro system with a 10.2” touchscreen, Bluetooth, lane departure warning, parking sensors and optional Head Up Display.  The convertible Evoque is also still a 4x4 ready to take on any surface with all terrain progress control as standard.  As the first ever luxury convertible SUV only time will tell whether SUV drivers really want their tops off!

Read of in depth guide to the Range Rover Evoque Convertible here – ‘What To Expect From The Range Rover Evoque Convertible’

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

The name Mercedes-Benz is always associated with style and luxury and the newly facelifted C-Class Coupe delivers both in abundance.  The previous version was slightly disappointing as it looked like a 2dr version of the saloon, not a model in its own right.  This has been rectified in the latest version as only the front wings and bonnet are shared with its 4dr sibling.  The C-Class Coupe is longer by 95mm and wider by 40mm creating a sleek and flowing look.  The longer wheelbase adds the majority of length to the front of the coupe, creating a long bonnet that is most commonly seen on a sports car.  The interior is still borrowed mostly from the C-Class Saloon except for the new sport seats, but hey, why mess with something that works so well!  The new look of the C-Class coupe offers plenty more wow factor and a little taster of S-Class luxury at a much more reasonable price. 

The Nissan Qashqai N Connecta

The Nissan Qashqai has just become the WhatCar? Best Small SUV for the 3rd year running.  Part of the appeal for the Qashqai is how wide that range is catering for a variety of needs and budgets.  Because of this, customers could often find the abundance of spec levels a tad confusing. To make life easier Nissan have taken the best parts of the n-tec and n-tec+ and combined them both into the new N-Connecta trim.  This reducing the number of model variants to 4; Visia, Acenta, N-Connecta and Tekna.  The petrol engines in the new N-Connecta model have been upgraded with a fuel tank that can now hold 65 litres instead of 55 and the rear suspension has been upgraded to improve comfort with a smoother journey.  Nissan have also added a few new options into the mix - The new Heat Pack includes Thermaclear heated windscreen and heated front seats, the Comfort Pack includes a panoramic glass roof and roof rails, the Executive Pack will give you Graphite leather heated seats, driver’s seat electric adjustment and Thermaclear heated windscreen. 

The Nissan Qashqai is one of my favourites, find out what I thought in our blog ‘Nissan Qashqai Review - How Did I Feel About The WhatCar? Best Small SUV?’

The Ford Fiesta

After years and years and years the Ford Fiesta is still the best-selling car in the UK and the car of choice for many staff members here at Rivervale – ‘It is Fiesta Friday at Rivervale’  What is it about the Fiesta that keeps it in the number 1 spot?  It has everything!  It is packed full of tech, compact enough for city driving yet tough enough for the motorway.  For the money you pay you get so much car and with 16 different models from Studio through to the ST-3 there is a Fiesta to suit every taste and budget!

The Maserati Ghibli

For a totally new direction in 2016 on your new plate, Maserati now have their most affordable car yet – the Ghibli.  It rivals the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class in the executive car market and provides a car away from the mainstream with an added pinch of excitement on your daily commute.  The Ghibli is the first time Maserati have ever produced a diesel engine, but don’t worry they have made sure it sounds just as good as a petrol engine with Sound Actuators in the exhaust.  Spacious yet sporty, the Maserati Ghibli is bound to induce badge envy in all those you whiz past. 

Our complete guide to the Ghibli can be found here – ‘The Most Affordable Maserati yet’  

The comments above do not necessarily reflect Rivervale's views unless clearly stated.

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1 March 2016
Written by Natalie Faughy
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