Rivervale Planting trees for EVs

Rivervale Planting trees for EVs

We’re happy to tell you about the environmental impact we’ve made at Rivervale this year. We are proud to announce that we have been planting a new tree for every single electric vehicle leased or purchased from us!

We have already planted over a hundred trees this year - and are hoping that number continues to grow as the year goes on!

Trees for EVs

Partnering with eforests, we have been carbon offsetting by purchasing trees to plant where they are needed the most. As we all know, every one of us contributes to climate change on a daily basis through both the necessities and the luxuries of our lifestyles. Whether that’s through our work, relaxing in front of the TV, travelling to see friends or to go on holiday, shopping, or driving our cars - each activity we undertake likely has a carbon dioxide emission level, and therefore carbon footprint, attached.

Autumn Leaves


As car leasing experts here at Rivervale, we’re well aware of the environmental impact driving can have on the world we live in. Road transport is one of the UK’s biggest sources of pollution - especially pollution from petrol and diesel engines. Although electric vehicles do create carbon emissions in their manufacture, they offset this initial outlay within months of driving, making them the best alternative for those of us committed to improving our eco-credentials (whilst also remaining committed to driving the daily commute).

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We want to support and celebrate each driver’s eco-conscious choice when they choose to lease an electric vehicle from us. EVs are becoming ever more popular as technology evolves and improves. Committing to a lower carbon footprint through your vehicle is to be applauded, bearing in mind that climate change and our carbon footprints are vitally important to the planet we live on and our future here!

Woodland Oak



eforests plants trees all around the UK, in all sorts of different habitats. Their trees might end up in community woodlands, community farms, nature reserves or even in urban areas. With sites through England, Scotland and Wales, the areas stretch right from the tip of Cornwall right up to the Scottish Highlands.

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The majority of their sites are nature reserves or community-run woodlands. That way, we can be sure that the trees can live to their full lifespan and be thoroughly enjoyed. As well as countless nature enthusiasts, we hope that the trees we plant will also act as home and habitat for countless creatures over the years.

Silver Birch


To celebrate the popularity of EV leasing, we (along with our partners at eforests) plant a tree for every EV lease. Imagine how many trees we might plant if the popularity of electric vehicles continues along its current trajectory! We’re so happy to support one eco-friendly choice with another.

If you’re considering going electric for your next car lease or purchase, get in touch with us to discover your options, or read on to find out more about the many benefits of driving an EV.

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