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Rivervale’s Top Cars to Keep your Company Car Tax Payments Low

Rivervale’s Top Cars to Keep your Company Car Tax Payments Low

When choosing a company car working out how much you will pay in company car tax may be a big consideration.  Yet working out that all important figure maybe a mystery to you!  The most important 2 factors in calculating Company Car Tax are the value of the vehicle and the CO2 emissions.  The higher each of these factors are - more you will pay! 

The table below shows you what percentage of benefit in kind you will pay (2016-2017) based on the Co2 emissions of your car and you need this percentage to work out how much Company Car Tax you will pay.  

Benefit in Kind %Co2 (g/km)Benefit in Kind %Co2 (g/km)
5 23130-134
7 0-5024135-139
9 25140-144
10 26145-149
1151-75 27150-154
12 28155-159
13 29160-164
14 30165-169
21120-12437200 or more

For example if you have a car worth £20,000 which emits 180g/km Co2 and are on the 20% personal tax rate, you would calculate your company car tax in the following way

Value of Car



Benefit in Kind



Personal Tax Rate



12 months of the year


Company Car Tax payment of 

£110 per month

However, if you have a £20,000 vehicle that only emits 95g k/m of Co2 the maths works out like this;

Value of Car



Benefit in Kind



Personal Tax Rate


÷12 months of the year=

Company Car Tax payment of

£53.34 per month

Which cars are considered to have low emissions is changing on a yearly basis, the predicted changes for the next 5 years for the lowest emissions can be seen in the chart below.

 Co2 emissions (g/km)
Benefit in Kind %2016-20172017-20182018-20192019-20202020-2021
9 0-50   
13 51-750-50  
1695 51-750-50 

If you have a vehicle which emits 100g/km of Co2 you will currently be paying 15% of the vehicles value in company car tax.  But in 2018 this is likely to jump to 21%.  This change is occurring as vehicles are becoming more and more efficient.  The Government wants to encourage the use of ultra-low emissions vehicles, so the cars with the lowest Co2 emissions will always have the lowest associated costs.  To keep company car tax payments low and beat the Co2 band changes every year you would be wise to pick to the lowest emissions vehicle available to you. 

For most people the thought of an electric car is very daunting.  Range anxiety is still a major problem, no one wants to run out of electricity on their way to a meeting!  With a hybrid vehicle you can have the security of a combustion engine and the low emissions benefits of an electric motor.  When compared to a similar non-hybrid model, the savings that can be made are clear to see!

Here are the money saving company cars Rivervale Car Leasing recommends ...

 BMW 3 Series Saloon330e SE 4dr Step Auto


0-62 mph in 6.1 seconds

148.7 mpg

Co2 Emissions 44g/km

Company car tax at 20% Personal tax rate =

£38.68 per month


Non-Hybrid comparison 3 Series 320 EfficientDynamics Plus 4dr StepAuto

0-62 mph in 7.8 seconds, 74.3 mpg, Co2 emissions 99g/km, Company car tax at 20% personal tax rate = £89.08 per month

Mercedes-Benz C Class Saloon C350e Sport 4dr Auto


0-62 mph in 5.9 seconds

134.5 mpg

Co2 emissions 48

Company car tax at 20% personal tax rate =

£44.60 per month


Non-Hybrid Comparison Mercedes-Benz C Class Diesel Saloon C300h Sport Premium Plus 4dr Auto

0-62 mph in 6.4 seconds, 78.5 mpg, Company car tax at 20% prsonal tax rate= £100.98 per month

Mitsubishi Outlander Estate2.0 PHEV GX3h 5dr Auto


0-62 mph in 11 seconds

156 mpg

Co2 Emissions 42 g/km

Company car tax at 20% personal tax rate =

£39.96 per month



Non-Hybrid Comparison Mitsubishi Outlander Diesel Estate 2.2 DI-D GX2 5dr

0-62 mph in 10.2 seconds, 53.3 mpg, Co2 emissions 138 g/km, Company car tax ar 20% personal tax rate =£103.33 per month

If you are not keen on any maths at all, our website will give you a guide to company car tax payments for each specific vehicle - no calculator needed ! 

Prices and tax bands are correct at the time of writing.  Please refer to our website for the most current leasing prices and to the latest government information on tax bands


The comments above do not necessarily reflect Rivervale's views unless clearly stated.

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25 May 2016
Written by Natalie Faughy
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