Rivervale's Top Tips to Beat the Fuel Price Rise!

Rivervale's Top Tips to Beat the Fuel Price Rise!

For the past 3 months fuel prices have been creeping up, so now we’ve almost forgotten that magical period of time when prices fell below £1 per litre. Why are prices rising? And how can we save money on our fuel bill?

We have previously enjoyed the biggest fall in fuel prices for 12 years and with George Osborne announcing a freeze on fuel duty, we all got lulled into a false sense of security. But, the global oil prices were always predicted to rebound, now we are feeling that rise.

In January this year the price of a barrel of oil stood at £26, now that figure has increased to £28. For the motorist at the pump this equates to an extra £4.77 on a tank of petrol since the beginning of the year and diesel drivers will be spending an extra £5.14 to fill up their fuel tank.

The average price for a litre of petrol has risen by 2p since the end of February, from 108.67ppl to 110.59ppl. There is a slightly higher increase for diesel prices at 2.2p rising from 108.49ppl to 110.70ppl. With these recent substantial rises many motorists may be fearing a return to the record highs during 2012 when prices reached 142.2ppl. RAC Spokesman Simon Williams has quickly calmed these fears:-

"It looks as though we are heading towards a new norm of the oil price fluctuating between lower and upper limits of $35 and $55 a barrel. This means that motorists should hopefully not see the eye-watering prices they were paying at the pumps in April 2012 when the average price of petrol was 142ppl and diesel was close to 150ppl."

To make sure you are making the most of every penny you pour into your tank follow the Rivervale Car Leasing Teamstop tips to maximise your fuel efficiency

  1. Don’t put off that service. Most of us are guilty of leaving that service for a few more miles, the cars still working so all is well right? Nooooo! A properly maintained vehicle will be up to 10% more fuel efficient so don’t delay your service!
  2. Clear out the boot. Any items you don’t need day to day in the car are just increasing the overall weight the car has to move. As the weight of the car goes up so does the amount of fuel used.
  3. Drive as smoothly as you can. Keep your eyes on the road ahead to avoid sharp breaking and heavy acceleration. Remember the more pressure your right foot is putting on the accelerator the more fuel you are using!
  4. Keep your tyres inflated. Many motorists forget to regularly check their tyre pressure. Under-inflated tyres lead to more rolling resistance which in turn means your car has to use more fuel to keep going.
  5. Reduce drag. If you have roof bars attached to your car or even a roof box that you don’t need to use day to day, take them off. Less drag = less fuel used.
  6. Open the window. Using your air con at lower speeds will increase your fuel consumption. At higher speeds the effects are less noticeable. So next time you need to cool off, do it the natural way and let the fresh air in!
  7. Keep to the speed limit. Obviously you should be doing this anyway! As well as safety benefits you will save fuel. To go faster your car needs more power and so uses up more fuel.
  8. Check out the competition. You are likely to have a choice of a few places to fill up in your local area, so why not check out all of their prices? You don’t need to drive around wasting fuel to do this, you can check online at specialist sites such as petrolprices.com. You may be surprised how much prices can vary. A search in my local area for petrol prices showed a range from the lowest at 108.7 ppl up to the highest at 112.9 ppl.

One sure way to avoid the rising cost of petrol and diesel is to be brave and go electric! The world’s most popular electric car is the Nissan Leaf. Last year I spent a week travelling on electric power, see how I got on here – My Life with the Nissan Leaf.


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