Rivervale’s Top Tips to Survive a Long Hot Summer Car Journey!

Rivervale’s Top Tips to Survive a Long Hot Summer Car Journey!

Long, hot summer days can only mean one thing – equally long, hot car journeys. Whether it’s a drive to the beach or reaching your staycation destination most parents won’t avoid a few hours cooped up in the car with little people who need entertaining!

The excitement of a holiday or day trip can soon turn into a nightmare, your patience may wear thin with hundreds of miles to go. But, did you know children have been found to be a bigger distraction on a car journey than mobile phones?

These findings were revealed by Monash University in 2013. In their study, recording equipment was hidden in the cars of 12 families for 3 weeks. The results showed that in a 16 minute journey drivers spent 20% of their time with their eyes off the road and looking at their children. In 98% of the trips recorded drivers were distracted by little people in the back. When these findings were compared with the amount of distraction mobile phones cause, researchers estimated that children are a massive 12 times more distracting than a mobile phone on a car journey. Most drivers believe the addition of another adult in the passenger seat would reduce how distracted they are by little people, in this study this was not the case.

So how do drivers cope with their miniature passengers?

A survey by Halfords has asked parents their favourite ways to keep the kids entertained and here’s what they said;

  • 31% use a tablet loaded with games, videos and music
  • 30% use old fashioned car games
  • 21% say their children are happy to read a book
  • 35% use sweets and snacks as a bribe

Of the parents involved in the study 21% reported dreading being stuck in the car for an extended period of time, while a massive 57% of parents said roadworks were the biggest annoyance for them on a long journey.

Keeping the children quiet and entertained doesn’t just make a journey more pleasant, it’s vital your driver is concentrating on the road rather than the squabbles in the back seat! So here are the Rivervale Car LeasingTeam’s top tips for a stress free drive this summer!

Check your journey – take note of any upcoming roadworks so you can plan around them and plan regular breaks to grab a coffee and use a bathroom, most tiny people are happier once they have stretched their legs!

Take supplies – keep a bag with plenty of drinks and some treats in case all else fails and you do need to resort to bribery!

Modern technology – there are many parents who are increasingly concerned about the amount of ‘screen time’ their children are getting. For the sake of a safe journey the car may the ideal place to let your children get app happy with no time restrictions! If a tablet isn’t for you, you can purchase DVD players especially for the car, a few hours of films may provide you with many miles of peace!

Car games – I wandered around the Rivervale office to find out which car games our staff members remembered from their youth, here are a few ideas for you!

  • Spot the Eddie Stobart Truck,
  • Guess the animal – think of an animal and get the children to ask question i.e do you have fur you can only answer yes or no,
  • The alphabet game where you make a shopping list through the letters of the alphabet and try and remember it all the way to z
  • There are many travel size board games you can buy if you think your children can play them without arguing!

The car you take – the car you are driving could make a huge difference. We would recommend a vehicle with as many safety features as you can get, so you are soon alerted if you drift out of your lane, try to change lane unsafely or are even getting a bit sleepy. Enough space for the children and the luggage, as well as good fuel efficiency to save you a few pennies and air conditioning on your trip are all vital.

Rivervale’s top picks for the family car journey are …

FORD KUGA DIESEL ESTATE2.0 TDCi 150 Titanium 5dr 2WD



Business Lease from £162.99 +VAT per month

Personal Lease from £199.99 per month

Business Lease from £139.99 +VAT per

monthPersonal Lease from £166.99 per month

Business Lease from £155.60 +VATper month

Personal Lease from £185.22 per month

....And don't forget to check you have breakdown cover!

If you have any top car trip tips make sure you let us know!


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