Stop/Start Technology - Will It Save Me Money?

Stop/Start Technology - Will It Save Me Money?

For years we believed that starting our car engines would use more fuel than if the engine was sat idling ………. Now we know that’s just not true!! When an engine is warmed up and so operating at its optimum temperature, massive amounts of fuel are not needed. The popularity of Stop/Start technology has now risen – but what is it and how does it work?

What is it Stop/Start Technology and How Does it Work?

A vehicle that is equipped with stop/start technology will automatically turn off the engine if the vehicle has been stationary for a period normally of around 2 seconds. This means at traffic lights or in traffic jams the engine will switch off. To start moving again the driver simple releases the clutch in a manual or the brake in an automatic.

There are several ways manufacturers achieve stop/start in an engine here is a brief overview of each:-

Using the starter motor – the starter motor is responsible for getting the engine going. As almost all cars have one, it is the simplest place to add in stop/start technology. It is a cheap and effective way of adding stop/start technology to a vehicle, although it is thought this process still uses a small amount of fuel each time.

An adapted alternator – here manufacturers have designed an alternator that can stop the engine mid-way through its combustion cycle. This makes the job of the starter motor very easy when the driver wants to move again so restarting the engine is smoother and faster.

The reversible alternator - this type of alternator can change from being a generator to reclaiming energy. Reclaimed energy which would usually be lost is used by the alternator to restart the engine in 400 milliseconds. Once the vehicles engine has reached its optimum temperature, the alternator is then solely responsible for restarting the engine.

What are the benefits of stop/start technology?

Lower emissions – European laws are forcing manufacturers to make their vehicles as efficient as possible to limit the amount of emissions they produce. There is also a growing interest among consumers to be as green as possible due to people becoming more aware of the effects of pollution on people and the planet.

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Saving fuel – if the engine isn’t on for as long, it means the vehicle has not used as much fuel. This means you will be filling up less often and saving a few pennies!

There really are no drawbacks to stop/start technology. Engines are built to withstand many more stop/start occurrences and the technology restarts a vehicle so quickly now the driver will notice very little difference in the performance of the vehicle.

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