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Tips for a stress free car journey!

Tips for a stress free car journey!

It’s that time of year when the temperature is rising so we all pack up the car and go off on holiday.  The excitement can soon turn to stress though, as children get bored and need a wee about every 10 miles ……… here are a few tips to keep the little ones entertained ……

It goes without saying pack enough food and drinks to last you the journey, along with blankets, changes of clothes and maybe some plastic bags as the NHS estimate 3 in 10 people suffer from motion sickness they could come in handy!  With very young children the best way to travel is when they are asleep, this way you can avoid the endless ‘are we nearly there yet?’

Now you could go traditional for your car journey and play some in car games ……. Here are some of my favourites

  • Car Bingo – pick a colour and the first one to spot 10 cars of this colour wins!
  • Name that tune – put in your favourite nursery rhyme CD and see who can guess the tune first!
  • Who am I?  Think of a person and the others have to try and guess who it is by asking questions …. You can only answer yes or no though!
  • The supermarket list – this is a real test of memory I’m sure you all remember it – I went to the supermarket and I bought an apple, then the next person an apple and a banana, you keep going until you have the whole alphabet covered!

You can get free printables for games and pictures to colour here and don’t forget your handy lap tray!

These traditional games are lovely …….. for the first hour …….so why not give in and take advantage of all the technology out there designed to make our lives as easy as possible…….

  • Sat Navno one needs to be trying to read a map in the middle of the night anymore, if you don’t have a decent navigation on your phone just buy a sat nav and let a voice of your choice guide you to your destination!  It can even tell you when those all important toilet stops are along the way.
  • In car WIFI – get all your tablets or iPads fully charged and treat yourself to in car Wi-Fi, the children can play games and watch TV happily for hours!  Don’t feel guilty the AA found loads of parents are turning to technology for a peaceful journey!
  • DVD Player – a film will make the time fly by ……. As long as there are no arguments over what to watch!
  • Many, many sweets – if all else fails bribery is your best option and these nothing more persuasive than a bag of sugary treats ….. I know it’s wrong, but why start your holiday with a tantrum!

And for the parents just praying there are no road works along the way?  Here are a few ideas to make your journey that little bit easier ………

  • In car coffee maker – Keep yourself alert and feed that caffeine addiction!
  • Anti-dozing device - it’s estimated that 20% of road accidents are caused by tiredness, with such precious passengers this handy device could give you a nudge before you nod off.
  • Music – choose wisely, the AA recommend music with a beat close to your heart rate, around 60bpm, as this will keep you relaxed and hopefully keep any road rage under control!
  • And really when you just can’t take any more of the noise and moaning there’s nothing else for it - this travel kit with ear plugs and eye mask should do the trick….unless you are the one driving of course!

Happy Holidays everyone – you will get there eventually, and remember if you are towing the Nissan Qashqai has been named the overall winner in the Tow Car Awards 2014!

The comments above do not necessarily reflect Rivervale's views unless clearly stated.

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16 June 2014
Written by Rivervale
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