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The All New Vauxhall Cascada

The All New Vauxhall Cascada

This year we welcome a new convertible to the car scene in the shape of Vauxhalls latest soft top creation the Cascada. If you find after driving one of these capacious comfy and rather good looking cars that you still look down your nose at it, or judge it mediocre say in comparison to likewise priced convertibles available in the current market then I would suggest that you’re actually just a badge snob.

Now in relation to your mid sized drop tops cars is entirely understandable seeing as brand recognition accounts for such a lot with the modern day fashionista, so seeing the BMW roundel with its blue and white quarters or the four rings of the Audi’s heritage on the front of a car will mean so much more than seeing the Vauxhall Griffin adorning the grill. BUT.. There will be some people who can see past this and will find to their delight a surprisingly well built, finely tuned, artistically designed vehicle at extremely reasonable pricing.   

This car has been designed as a 4 adult size vehicle that offers up to 350l of boot space, which means it’s more a D segment car available for the same cost as a C segment convertible. This new car will also be more of the everyday user vehicle than some of its competitors even going head to head with the Audi A5 Cabriolet for internal space.

Options for the various engines to follow come in the shape of the 1.4l and the 1.6l petrol which churn out 138bhp and 168bhp respectively. There will also be two diesel engine variants of their 2.0CDTi Turbo which will produce either 163bhp or 192bhp depending on choice. They will all be front wheel drive models coming in both manual and automatic gearboxes.

If I was to recommend one of these I would suggest going for a higher output version as they will pull the Cascada’s chassis around the roads with much less effort and as usual the diesels seem quiet and come with loads of torque mid range.

Until the Cascada arrives, why not have a look at some of the vauxhall car leasing deals we have.

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26 July 2013
Written by Rob
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