The All-New Volkswagen Golf

The All-New Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has been on our roads since 1974, selling 33 million worldwide to date. So, with updates being made to their most popular model and less than favourable media coverage after the emissions scandal, Volkswagen are surely eager to impress...

A first glance at the outside of the new Golf may leave you questioning what’s changed. Dimensions have remained identical, meaning no change to the cabin or boot space. The air intakes are slightly different; the bumper is slightly lower and more LED’s feature with addition of flowing indicators on some models, but so far no major differences make you say wow.

The biggest changes are contained within the vehicle. On the surface, there will be cosmetic changes such as new patterns for seat covers and new materials used over the dashboard and door panels. The major changes are in the technology now used, which makes sure even though the Golf is now 42 years old it’s features are all brand new.

Traffic Jam Assist – this is the first time a semi-autonomous feature has been seen in the Golf. Using lane assist, automatic distance control and adaptive cruise control speed and steering can be taken over at speeds of up to 37 mph to relieve you from the duties of stopping and starting during a traffic jam.

City Emergency Braking – any pedestrian or other vehicle crossing the path of the all new Golf will be detected and warnings given to the driver. These will include brake jolts, gentle steering motions and acoustic warnings. The hazard lights will also be turned on to warn those around the vehicle of the danger. If the driver fails to respond to these cues the vehicle will be stopped automatically in a controlled manner.

Trailer Assist – trailers are the cause of many a cold sweat when drivers aren’t used to manoeuvring them, this is particularly true when attempting to reverse! The all new Golf takes this pain away from drivers. After selecting reverse, pushing the parking aid button and adjusting the mirror to the direction of travel, the driver can sit back and let automatic steering take over while controlling the pedals only.

For the first time, pre-tensioned seat belts also appear. This is the gentle hug your seatbelt gives you when you first clunk click, giving a guide as to where the seatbelt should be in an accident to correctly keep your body positioned in its seat.

The infotainment system has also received major attention. Each Golf will now come with a screen of at least 6.5”. In the top of the range Discover Pro the screen jumps to a giant 9.2” with a 1280 x 640-pixel resolution. New software means menus and sub menus can be swiped through, voice controls can be used and gesture control makes its premier in the Golf. A simple swipe of the hand can scroll through menus and control audio. Wireless charging is now available for compatible smartphones as well as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Your smartphone or tablet, or your passengers can be connected to the infotainment system to take control, so the battle of music played just got more complicated!

The all new Golf offers the chance to personalise to your own driving style. It does this through use of the key which can remember your seat position, climate control choices, preferred radio station and even your lighting choices. With Active Info Display the driver can choose which information is displayed behind the steering wheel. Alongside traditional information such as rev counter and speed, a driver can choose to display driving data, driver assist systems or even a navigation map quickly and easily using controls on the Golf’s multi-function steering wheel. Car Net and Guide keeps you informed on real time driving conditions. Information on traffic jams in the area or where free parking spaces are can be accessed as well as points of interest data that may let you know about nearby restaurants or places to visit.

Under the bonnet the all new Golf will also be introducing an all new engine. The 1.5 litre turbocharged petrol engine has appeared with 148 bhp version offered with Active Cylinder Management Technology. This technology makes it possible for cylinders to be shut down when the car is cruising to save fuel and so makes it possible to achieve 57.6 mph. A lowered powered 129 bhp version of this engine is also available, this Evo BlueMotion engine will increase mpg to a healthy 61.4. The GTI 2.0 litre engine has had a power boost to 227 bhp with the Performance Edition reaching 241 bhp. Changes have been made to gearboxes as well with the 6-speed dual clutch DSG transmission being replaced by a 7-speed version.

The all new Volkswagen Golf will be on sale early next year and although official prices haven’t yet been release, the range is expected to start at somewhere near £18,000.

What do you think of the new Volkswagen Golf?

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