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The Bugatti Chiron at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Bugatti Chiron at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Whether you are interested in supercars or not, there was no way you could escape the buzz surrounding the Bugatti Chiron at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Bugatti are confidently claiming they have created the world’s most powerful, most exclusive production car ever and their confidence is not misplaced.  The Bugatti Chiron is the Veyron’s replacement, named after Monegasque driver Louis Chiron.  The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is currently the fastest production car in the world achieving a top speed of 268 mph with the electronic speed limiter deactivated, so we can be sure the Chiron will be very fast.

Bugatti say the W16 engine in the Chiron is made up of 95% new parts and will deliver 25% more power than the Veyron.  The 8.0 litre, 16 cylinder engine has 4 turbochargers with 2 stage turbocharging producing 1,500 hp and 1,600Nm of torque.  So Bugatti know the Chiron will be faster than the Veyron, they just aren’t sure by how much.  Rumour has it clever computer calculations have put the top speed at 288 mph with a limited speed that is still ridiculously fast at 261 mph.

The Bugatti Chiron will be capable of achieving 0-62 mph in a superfast 2.5 seconds, to get to 186 mph will only take you 13.6 seconds.  To give an idea of how much fuel is needed to power this machine, if the Chiron was travelling at its highest speed the 100 litre fuel tank would empty in only 8 minutes!

On the outside there are smooth flowing lines with a C shaped curve on each side of the Chiron’s body.  At the rear a titanium exhaust with 6 huge catalytic converters and a unique 1.6 m strip of LED lights. Larger tyres are used, 20 inch 285/30 front and 21 inch 355/25 bespoke made Michelin tyres provide a larger contact patch than the Veyron.  The Chiron is 7.6mm taller, 40.6mm wider and 81.3mm longer giving a slight increase in cabin space compared to its predecessor.  However, despite the tiny increase in space the Chiron is lighter than the Veyron thanks to the new carbon fibre monocoque.  Within the cabin owners can choose from 31 different leather trim colour options and will enjoy the high end sound system made by Accuton.

The Chiron is all wheel drive and Bugatti claim it has the highest performance clutch ever fitted on a production car.  5 driving modes will be available to suit the situation and drive style desired; the important lift mode can be used when driving over speed bumps, or driveways and will raise the car preventing damage to the undercarriage.  Autobahn, EB and Handling modes can all be selected from the steering wheel, the last mode is Top Speed.  To use Top Speed mode a Speed Key is needed which will grant the driver access to every ounce of power the Chiron has.     

The Chiron provides big numbers, the power produced, the speed reached, so it should come as no surprise that the price is also a shockingly large number.  The Bugatti Chiron will cost £1.9 million to buy when it goes on sale this autumn.  To keep this supercar exclusive only 500 will be built and of these, 166 have already been reserved by those who could afford the 200,000 Euro deposit!

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5 July 2016
Written by Natalie Faughy
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