The Honda e - Rivervale Review

The Honda e - Rivervale Review

Demand for electric vehicles is rising as the new generation drivers of today are continually becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact their actions have. With owning and driving a petrol-powered vehicle being one of the larger personal contributions we make when it comes to our emissions, it seems like a no-brainer to look into alternative options that offer the desired green credentials modern drivers are looking for.

While Tesla has been leading the charge on the electric car front, there are a number of newcomers to the market, one of which is Honda delivering their first pure-electric car to the mass market. While Honda briefly dabbled in the EV market way back in 1997 when the concept was completely radical, they only produced 350 and then stuck to what they knew… until now.

Very cute, a little bit quirky and quite possibly the dinkiest electric vehicle on the market, the Honda e is an entirely lovable new-gen pure-electric build. Wide-set circular headlamps remind us of a set of googly eyes and its slightly-boxy bubble-like silhouette make it impossibly Japanese-esque. We feel like this would be the perfect car for Mr Bean in 2020. Packaged in a size similar to a Fiat 500, the Honda e makes for the perfect urban runaround.

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While its design may not appear as cutting-edge and at the forefront as the likes of Hyundai’s Ioniq or the Nissan Leaf, the Honda e is packed full of top tech. From cameras for wing mirrors to rapid charging capability and an app to pre-condition and babysit the car while it charges. This is in addition to a plethora of safety tech features and more screen space than you’d expect to fit in this neatly wrapped package. It’s these value-add features that have earned the Honda e its heftier price tag than its competitors.

Slide on inside and the Honda e interior offers the same schmick design aesthetic as the exterior. With an airy atmosphere, it's an environment you want to be in. Kitted out with the tech specs you need and a solid build, the entire situation feels comfortable. The dashboard boasts five screens covering off digital door mirrors, one for the instrument binnacle and two for the infotainment system. This very much feels like a car of the future inside - familiar yet progressive.

What about space? This a small electric vehicle, strictly a four-seater. Boot space is light too, but considering this EV has been designed as a city zip around, it should hardly be an issue for the sort of journey’s most drivers will be taking.

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The Honda e was very much crafted with navigating city streets in mind. It's an urban runaround that isn’t designed to go for miles and miles. For this reason, it only has a short range, but what it achieves in that distance is brilliant. Zipping away from a standstill, it's smooth and doesn’t feel nearly as heavy as you’d expect its 1,500kg to move. Overall, it feels nippy and agile to drive.

As far as cutesy electric vehicles go, we think we’re onto a winner here. Enjoying the Honda e for its intended purpose - getting around town - makes it easy to see why this EV is more than just a pretty face. Our pick? Highlighter yellow to stand out from the crowd.

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