The Rivervale Car Leasing Poem!

The Rivervale Car Leasing Poem!

The Rivervale Car Leasing Team have joined together to create our own poem!

To do this I wrote the first 2 lines on an email, then forwarded it to another member of staff who added 2 lines and forwarded it on to the next person ... we continued like this until most staff members had added their part and the poem was complete! Enjoy!!!

The Rivervale Car Leasing Poem

A single turn of the key filled me with fear

The sound of the engine made one thing clear

Oh where is the thingamajig whatsit to open the hood?

If only I could fix it, you know that I would?....

The end is near, but we have been together so long

My heart is broken, but then I hear the Rivervale song

Do it the right way, do it the Rivervale way

Let’s hope they can save the day!

I eagerly call the number, after looking on the site

The figures came through quickly, I was expecting quite a fright

Next thing I knew, I’m all approved and getting excited

Who knew leasing was so quick to get my car problems righted

Paperworks all signed and I’ve sent them my proofs

Oh blimey.. should I have added the sunroof? I decided not to, then I went ahead and confirmed my order

Little did I know delivery was just round the corner

There she is, my new little baby,

Now I definitely won’t be driving like Miss Daisy,

I love my new car, all shiny and clean

Low co2’s as well, I’m all for being green!


I think we have some talented poets in the Rivervale Team! If you've created your own email poem share it with us - we would love to read it!

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